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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Miyamoto: Not EVERYTHING needs to be 3D! (Do you AGREE?!)

Miyamoto: Not everything needs to be 3D


The legendary game creator Shigeru Miyamoto, recently explained why games do not always need to be in 3D.


“I don’t think everything needs to be 3D, or that just because we’re seeing more 2D games now, that everything’s going to shift back to 2D. Instead, I think that what’s going on is that people are realizing the benefits of a 3D game, and at the same time, remembering what the benefits of 2D games were.

When going 2D, you need the courage to not be so attached to visual appearance of the games and to really pursue the gameplay experience.”[1]


New Super Mario Bros. Wii seems to be a testament to that exact quote. A game that pushes fun, instead of polygons. Obviously, 2D wouldn’t work for every game, but it is great see a game like that go back to its roots and seeing that even after 20 years the core formula of a platforming Mario still works.


I agree completely, some games are best enjoyed in 2D

I don't think I'll like a 3D pokemon battle system

NSMB Wii will probably be more fun than SMG too


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I love variety in my games so a bit of 3d, a handful of 2d and just a dash of 4d is the ultimate recipe. xD

Do I? hell yeah I do...

Heck, I don't think we'll find almost anyone who disagrees.

I couldn't agree more.

And that's all I can add. Sorry.

Pixel Art can be fun.

I just hope I like Golden Sun in 3D too

I loved its 2D battle thingy

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

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It's because of this that I'm anxiously awaiting NSMBW2 on the next Nintendo platform. I have a feeling that this game will kick so much ass.

As long as it`s fun, who cares? I mean if you can get a potato race too be fun, who needs big muscle heads with big guns?


Gaming should be, 75% 2D, and 25% 3D


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Trials HD is basically a 2d game and it is the way more addicting than most 3d games I have played recently. I can at least put them down. I start playing almost any 2d game, and I will end up finding my self trapped to the point where time just ticks way on the clock. 2 or 3 in the morning and I realize damn I have done this all night. I should go to bed.

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