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Forums - Website Topics - VG members dissapearing?

lol john

you deserve a frickin medal :D (remember that south park episode where cartman finds out you could crap through your mouth)

posting in an epic thread.

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Leo-J mentioned (when he was here) that Ckmlb wasn't on his PS3 either, he might just be busy with life. I sure hope he is alright.

Leo-J has been threatening to leave for the last couple of months (if not longer), but I doubt he actually made the move, he loves it here too much.

Other members like Legend11 and Kber81 just sort of come and go, so its not uncommon for regulars to have prolonged absences.

Leo-j said this on vgchartz myspace page:

'leo growin wit life

28 Oct 2007 07:40 PM

You should, or Arts of angles should.. I cant do it though Im not getting on vgchartz any more (the forums) For a while that is.'

My guess would be that he is tired of all the flaming he gets on this site by some of the posters. Considering in this thread alone there have been several jabs at him. I'm looking at another site he posts on and it says "Last Time Online: 34 mins ago"

They're in trapped in Tingle's rosy rupeeland! Poor guys...

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What happened to konnichiwa?

Um....go to his pro and check out the post history, it's the last thing he posted, according to that.

And on topic, I haven't posted for a day or two either, despite coming on here several times a day, sometimes there just isn't anything I feel I have to contribute to the conversation.


If we are already talking about missing members, when did Rol show up the last time on this page? I have the feeling I haven't read any posts from him for several days...

Anyways, such things should not be worrying anyone, sometimes users don't feel like contributing, sometimes they don't have time to visit the page and sometimes they are on holidays or something.

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Late last week, I had trouble loading VGchartz for couple of days. That could be reason why some people aren't on. Plus all the spyware/adware/popups, I can't use my home desktop and laptop to go to the site since my anti-stuff software is too weak to allow me on vgchartz.

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Rol's been around...but not as much. I think he really got his feelings hurt after everyone gave him so many negatives in the popularity