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crysis, not a fan of either game though

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iron_megalith said:
Whoah.. All the comments about having problems with loading the pics makes me think my laptop isn't trashy at all... There's no problem viewing it on my end but I can't play decent games on this. :P

Anyway how I could only dream of getting to play this thing on ultra high. My PC is already struggling on playing it in medium. Damn processor.....

That's the difference between displaying 2D rasterized images vs. 3D rendered images for you. It's your VGA card, not your CPU that's holding back the eye candy on your system.

The reality is probably far less than 1% of all Crysis capable playing PCs can even run the game on ultra high settings at playable frame rates and typical game resolutions (the broad mid-range currently being 1680x1050), much less the resolutions displayed in the OP sample screen grabs.

So Crysis actually looks that good on just about no one's system; it remains a game/game engine for future hardware past "Very High" settings.

Crysis still looks better.
Uncharted 2 looks too shiny to me, especially Nathan's clothes

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Crysis can run at a way higher resolution and blow it away on the best PCs. They shouldn't even be compared.

the antialiasing in crysis looks better.

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Crysis chews up uncharted in those pics. Too bad the game plays like ass compared to other top tier shooters.


Yep Crysis wins for looks. But I'd have to spend 3 times (at least) what I spent on my PS3 to have a PC capable of the graphics processing powah! needed to make Crysis look this good. One observation is that htey showed a lot of close up foliage in the Crysis screens but all the foliage in U2 was middle to far distance.

Still last gen no one would even have dared put up a console game against the best of PC games for a graphics comparison. So, console graphics is catching up to PC graphics.

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chriscox1121 said:
i never seen crysis before, but always heard about how good it looked. Man that game looks crazy good. Uncharted looks really good, and prob the best on a console, but it doesn't look so astonishing when next to crysis.

You must be pretty new here.


Crysis looks better, but not by much in imo.

The Crysis screens look a touch better, but then many have said that most people's PCs don't make Crysis look as good as the screens.

Further, when you compare Uncharted 2 against non-CryEngine PC games (most games out there), I bet Uncharted 2 fares even better....

dsister44 said:
Crysis looks a lot better.

This. No comparision. Doesn't U2 top off at 720P?