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Forums - Sales Discussion - Is It Possible 4 Uncharted 2 To Sell 2Mill B4 2010 Even Begins.. I Think So

CGI-Quality said:
It should do a million before year's end, maybe 800,000. I doubt it'll do 2mill though.

American preorders are 300k. That's just preorders. Combined with Others sales, an opening week of 800k certainly seems feasible.

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Really depends on its opening.

800/1m first week then yahh it will probably do 2m less then 700k it might be a struggle.

of course it is possible but it may or may not happen. since the ps3 slim and price cut, it has been blowing everyone expectations outa the water. it could do it again! anyway what a game this is gonna be. 97 on metacritic! just under gta iv for this generation. thats a real bragging point for ps3 owners!

I agree with the OP

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Yeah man easily! It should do at least half a million first week plus it'll have legs like Megan Fox

Ive got it down for 600k (or above) first week. US preorders alone were at 300k. And i think this will get bigger sales in EU than in US.

It's got the rest of October and the whole of November and December to do it.

It will. Easily.

Depends on the marketing. Does it have the quality to do it? Yes. Does it have the Userbase? Does it have a big name in gaming? Well, that is something that Sony needs to work on.

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I can see 1.5 million by years end. Hell, it's going to open to about 500k week 1 in Americas alone going by pre-order numbers.

3 million lifetime is a safe guess, especially with Sony's bundle boner.