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KillZone 2 was so hyped up it wasn't even funny. I visiting VGchartz one day before Killzone 2 was release and there was like 10 thread in the front page related to KillZone 2 graphics.

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ya want 2 talk sales then put it in the sales area not the MS section

anyway KZ was released during a time where gaming doesnt really have sales explosions and the past KZ ps2 games werent anything to brag about unlike halo which has roots going back many years

ull have to wait till next few KZ installments if the series will develop any steam to start comparing the 2


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The OP never said that Killzone was a bad game or even that it's worse than Halo. He just compared the sales of 2 opposing consoles largest exclusive FPS.

Was it necessary? No.

Is it necessary to get upset about this thread? Nope.

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CGI-Quality said:

Why even put these games against each other like this? I swear, people TRULY forgot what gaming is all about .Both games are fun. Both games sold well, although Halo will always sell better than Killzone (even though it's still irrelevant).

And before you pull the "we're on a sales site" card, I'm aware of that, and like that this site tracks sales. I just don't see this as useful, in fact, I see it as abusing the site's purpose in the first place. This thread was not made with good intentions.

Why not?...They are both FPS games...


scottie said:
That's totally a fair comparison... Halo is far and away Microsoft's biggest franchise. Killzone isn't even close to being Sony's biggest.

KillZone was sony answer to Halo..Don't front like it's not


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nightsurge said:
pbroy said:

Ever play Halo online? That, my friend, is called Halo Mentality. If someone gets owned, of course you want to rub your balls all over thier face. That's life in the Halo online shooter Universe. ~_n

Not just a Halo thing.  It's present in any online shooter these days.  It originated way back before Halo as well.

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that just shows you that saying Halo is "overhyped" is so stupid. the game delivers, and millions buy it.........





The Anarchyz said:
Who was surprised that a Halo shooter would sell like this??? Halo 3 sold like 3 million in one day... And Halo: Reach will also sell like crack...

I mean, it's phreaking Halo, the franchise is huge, the only shooter franchise that can fight sales with Halo is Call of Duty (original and MW), and even that is not a fair comparison since CoD is multiplatform, Halo is Xbox only (and PC years later)...


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I know this is true but its major flamebait >


nightsurge said:
Goes to show Gameplay > Graphics.

But that's the funny thing, Killzone 2 has better gameplay AND graphics.. oh wait sales prove otherwise you're right...

Killzone 2 is just so much more satisfying to play. I was playing both Halo3 and KZ2 the other day just to test it.  Halo just doesn't have the realistic AI and animations to make shooting enemies so satisfying every time you do it.  Halo does have the co-op i'll give it that.