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Forums - Website Topics - How come there are no polite Sony fans on this website?


"Well, that's just cause you don't like Sony, and whenever you hear what they say, you get mad cause it's pro-sony anti-nintendo!"


No it's not that at all.  I don't mind when good things happen for Sony, and I don't mind discussing Nintendo's mistakes.  It's just the tone and manner of speech that always comes along with all of the Sony fans' points.  I honestly can't think of a single, well-spoken, respectable Sony fan on this site.


Legend11 is a Microsoft fan, and he, for the most part, speaks in a non-demeaning tone, presents well thought out points, argues for his side, and steps down on any occasion when the arguement turns against him (rather than drawing it out and defying logic like many sony fans).  I think Legend 11 is a good model for non-nintendo fans.


On the contrary, how many rabbid, insulting Wii fans are there on this site?

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This will not turn out well.



Is anybody polite here? It's the internet, after all.

Seriously, nominations?

MontanaHatchet said:
This will not turn out well.

The weekend posting has become a danger ground in here.

*backs out of thread slowly* 


I concur.

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To be honest, I think it is a condition of hardcore Sony fans feeling an extension of the company's mandate. If you pay any attention to the Sony PR, it is clear that they are absolutely incapable of admitting a mistake, and according to themselves, are the greatest company ever in existence, bar none. I have respect for the products that Sony produces (despite their mismanagement of the PS3) and recognize the contributions they have made to the gaming industry, but their attitude as a company is completely insufferable.

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Nobody is polite, Legend is "polite" because everyone is BASHING SONY+ he is a microsoft fan, pertty much his type of environment. That is why he is "polite".

On the other hand, we have nintendo fanboys saying wii will win no matter what.



No, leo. We have a lot of people saying the Wii will sell the most due to history and market trends.

There are, they are just obscured by a cloud of your bias + Sony fanboys.

Basically everybody sees things through tinted glasses. Sony fanboys annoy me more than Nintendo fanboys because I prefer the Wii myself, I'm sure it works the other way around as well.

Roadkillers is a perfect example of a polite Sony fan.