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Battlefield Bad Company. Ignoring that there is a glitch that prevents the platinum for most people, even if the glitch didn't exist the amount of multiplayer in-game achievements (need get them ALL for real achievements/trophies) is huge.

To make things worse a load of them are very time consuming, like even if all you did every single game was try and earn those would take hundreds of hours, just for a particular one.

The worst is run 50 people over with a boat. There is only one map that this can be done on, and that map is split between two different game modes, on one mode no one ever goes in the water ever, no reason to. The other mode people need capture an island but no one is ever stupid enough to try and swim it. Then there is the fact the boat/player hit detection is crap so most of the time when you run them over you do not even kill them and by the time you turn around they will reach a shore, if someone didn't shoot them. In months playing that game I probably only ever saw a hundred people swimming at most.

That is just one award you need earn.


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Socoms trophies to me just seem ridiculous as well as warhawks.

As for the comment on the first page for resistance 2. Bwahahaha I have a platinum on that :D

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Yeah the one in gears 2 takes forever to get.




deathgod33 said:
guitar hero 3. seriously, who can beat through the fire and flames on expert that is still classified as human.

My friend has that achievement actually. It took him God knows how long, and if you want proof, look up theangrypoolman on XBL. He hasn't 1000'd it yet, I think he's missing like 2 or 3 if i remember correctly, but he's 1000'd GH2 and that is definitely praiseworthy IMHO.



Most time consuming is hands down Warhawk.

Without glitching ( and glitchs were fixed way before trophies were added) it takes forever to reach General rank which is one of the gold trophies.
By forever I mean get 270k pts when a good player will average at best 150 pts/hour ( you won't do that at the start and past a certain pt ( 75k pts) you only play against others good players so no way to farm noobs..). So a good player will take around 1800 hours ( 75 played days)

And if you manage that you still have to get all medals which is far from being a piece of cake either...( and if you try to get them all while working on general which is what I would advise, you won't average 150pts/hour)....

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Seraphic_Sixaxis said:
PS3 = LBP or UT3.

X360 = Star Ocean: The Last Hope's Extra battles fer sure imo.


LBP isn't hard at all. Just, again, time consuming.

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wipeout hd is painful




Street fighter 4 ? Nobody got it

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Armored Core For Answer has the most time consuming online achievements IMO, the main ones break down like this:

Online Kills: 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 7500 / 10,000

Online Wins: 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 7500 / 10,000

Also the online population is full of good players so I would say getting 10,000 kills/wins is very difficult.

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