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wow, i didnt know that.

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Salnax said:
The industry would have recovered somewhat, but narrative-driven gaming may never have existed.

What are you talking about? Nintendo has never done narrativedriven games. Those games were all on the PC in the mid-to-late 80s.

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We would be gaming on $700+ computers.


Ryudo said:
Believe it or not Nintendo has to thank Teddy Ruxbin for help getting it's NES in stores.
For those too young to know Teddy Ruxbin was very popular toy in the 80's that was a talking teddy bear that used cassette tapes.

Well while all the details escape me atm (tired and just got off work) In the book "Ultimate history of video games" Back then places like Sears were some of the biggest retailers and we didn't have Gamestops then. Well Sears refused to sell gaming systems since they felt it was a fad that was over and no money in it,however Teddy was huge and the makers of the toy for some reason refused to sell it to them unless they also agreed to sell this thing called the they agreed to sell it.
(Also was the reason Nintendo did not call it a gaming console and really pushed it as an entertainment system so they also included Rob the robot and the zapper and running pad and sold for 180$(I remember mine,I even got the grey zapper before toy guns had to be orange to look fake)

I wonder what their reasoning was?

One of the reasons I'm partial for Nintendo is because they are the trailblazers of this industry, whether they are the market leader or not.

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My guess is that either Atari or some other company would have released a new video game console. In the end the industry could have been better, worse or the same without the involvement of Nintendo. Noone has the crystal ball to really go back in time and change history to find out.


I've learned some interesting historical facts about the NES in this thread. The Seal of Quality helped then hindered Nintendo. I hope we get to a point where it can be implemented again.

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From what i understand Nintendo partnered with the distributurs of teddy ruxbin due to the fact that very few retailers would take them serioulsy. The people behind the teddy R had a strong hold on the retailers and nintendo had sufficant cash to infulance them to use it. " you want 1000 units of the hottest toy this xmas season? sure we can do that for you, if you take 500 units this nes thing we have. your not intrested in the nes? awwww shit looks like i'm all sold out of Teaddy Ruxpins now that i check the system."

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The industry without nintendo would prob have grown on the PC market untill sega got their shit sufficantly together to pull it away from them. Atari was pretty well done doing anything useful in late '82 so they wouldn't have been a factor in any turn of events

if not NES, something else would have come along, even if weren't as influential. the NES wasn't that revolutionary, no need to put it on a pedestal.

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Lingyis said:
if not NES, something else would have come along, even if weren't as influential. the NES wasn't that revolutionary, no need to put it on a pedestal.

Yes it was, and it is deservedly put on that pedestal for a reason.