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Best launch games: Resistance: Fall of Man Ridge Racer 7 Resistance ROCKS !!

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RR7 looks good in 1080p...

hideman said: RR7 looks good in 1080p...
Lol!! Shame it's the same old tired gameplay!

resistance is an amazing game!

My favorite launch game ever was Super Mario 64. I'll leave before tomatoes start flying at me.

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This thread is already posted, I go to find the old thread.

On Topic: Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 


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Why do people give Resistance so much credit? It's only popular because there was nothing else available at the time. I admit, it's a decent launch title but other than that it's not that good of a game.

The basic premise it lame, the art style is boring, the game is easily broken (start a level and just run through it and see what happens), and the gameplay is completely uninspired. I could get the same exact experience by playing almost any other FPS.

As for on topic, I would say Rayman Raving Rabbids was a great launch title along with Excite Truck. Also, was Dead Rising a launch title? I know Kameo was and it was pretty good.

Nintendo has done pretty well when it comes to launch games on everything except the Cube. Super Mario Brothers (NES), Super Mario World (SNES), Mario 64 (N64) and Wii Sports (Wii) really showed off what the system was capable of and why players needed to get the new systems.

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Resistance: Fall of Man
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