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    PS3 slim vs PS3 phat?

    in Sony Discussion on 22 August 2009

    Not a huge fan of the look of the slim model (I think Sony cut one too many corners), but it uses a lot less electricity which will add up over time. So unless one of the phat models has something you must have (BC on the select few, Linux capability), go with the slim....

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    Ps3 & Wii = long term support 360 =uncertain

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 January 2009

    Um, I'm not going to read the whole tread since I don't have that kind of time, but titles which are released simultaneously for the 360 and PS3 typically sell a lot more on the 360 than the PS3. As such, I would not expect 3rd parties to abandon the console anytime soon....

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    When is NPD for December coming out?

    in Sales Discussion on 11 January 2009

    irstupid said: I don't know what I'm more excited for.1. The spin thrown from Decembers NPD 2. The spin thrown around later this month when their financials released. Hmmm... so much spin, so little time!  We could all drown in the stuff. :D...

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    Microsofts secret weapon!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 January 2009

    To be honest, I'm surpised Microsoft hasn't done this already. Give them the first hit for free and then charge for the others. ;)...

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    MS: Higher Shipments Could Lead to Bigger Profits

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 December 2008

    damndl0ser said: How could they not be making tons of cash with those crazy attachment ratios. As console sales go up (especially to the 'casuals'), the attachment ratio is bound to go down.  ...

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    Your top 5 game controllers

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 November 2008

    The hands down best and most influential is...The SNES pad. It perfected the NES pad and became the template that most gaming systems used going forward.At number two, the N64 controller. Adding an analogue stick and eventually 'rumble' made the controller more responsive and provided feedback back to the user. Both features were eventually copied by the world plus one.At number three, the...

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    What games will you be purchasing for the wii in 2009?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 November 2008

    I'm not sure what I'll be buying in 2009, but I do know that I'll be getting Boom Blox at Target on Black Friday for $20. That's what the game should have come out for and it's definitely worth it at that price.For the record, I'm cheap... and fun. ;)...

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    Does the Wii compare to the PS2?

    in Sales Discussion on 23 November 2008

    Another 'Will the Wii outsell the PS2?' thread?!? Not sure if I've posted to one before, so I'll take a stab at this one...Possibly.There are so many factors that will determine whether or not the Wii eventually sells more than 122 million consoles. And that number continues to climb since the PS2 continues to sell well for an 8 year old design. In the Wii's favor are the current pace of...

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    xbox 360 bundle should i get it?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 November 2008

    For American shoppers, there are some amazing deals on the 360 this holiday season. Anyone who pays retail and doesn't get something extra is a FOOL! (And I'm not talking the crappy games Microsoft is now bundling.) A lot of stores are offering extra games and/or controllers. And Dell has been taking 15% off all of the holiday bundles! Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to have their...

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    Sony wants to raise prices!

    in Sony Discussion on 23 November 2008

    Sony may not raise the price of items in their PlayStation portfolio, but this could delay or limit price reductions in the future....

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    The Elimination Game - MOST HATED franchises!

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 November 2008

    Previous Vote: linkzmax17 - WWE SmackDown!16 - Madden NFL16 - Yu-Gi-Oh!15 - Need for Speed14 - Tony Hawk14 - Sims, The 12 - Dragon Quest 12 - Nickelodeon11 - Disney11 - DragonBall Z11 - Duke Nukem11 - FIFA11 - Frogger11 - Lego (+)11 - Ridge Racer11 - Simple11 - Super Monkey Ball10 - Alone in the Dark10 - Assassin's Creed10 - Battlefield10 - Bejeweled10 - Bomberman10 - Brain Age10 - Breath of...

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    I hate NXE.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 November 2008

    naznatips said: He even stands like a prick. Yeah, I was wondering why they ALL stand like that.  Anyone who has played WiiFit knows that standing like that will lead to poor posture... and cancer. ;)  ...

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    Rumor: Wal-Mart memo says 40GB PS3 to be replaced in August

    in Sony Discussion on 08 July 2008

    Since MS appears to be upping the 20GB HDD in their 360 Pro model to 60, it makes sense for Sony to at least match or even beat their competition on this spec. I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony reintroduce a 60GB model w/o backwards compat. or to provide even more storage space in all of their models since hard drives have been coming down in price a lot lately....

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    Monster Hunter Tri and why the switch to Wii

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 July 2008

    Well as other devs have shown, it's pretty easy to port PSP games to the Wii. (ducks) But all kidding aside, the development team will be able to (and sadly probably will) reuse all the art/sound/etc assets from the previous games. Hopefully that leaves them free to focus their efforts on making the best playing version of the game to date....

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    how many people on vgc collect games+systems

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 June 2008

    I just have a lot of games. Does that make me a collector or a pack rat? ;)...

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    ScrewAttack - Top 10 FPS Games Ever

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 June 2008

    Interesting list. Wasn't expecting them to stick Goldeneye at the top. They should have done the 'Most Influential FPSes of All Time'. Goldeneye certainly deserves that nod. Not only did Rare bring multiplayer to masses (no Internet required!), but they introduced intelligent objectives to the genre and the games was the best controlling FPS on a console up to that point. Good times!...

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    New black Wii is coming out I heard

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 June 2008

    I expect Nintendo to eventually upgrade the internal memory for future Wii models. It probably won't cost them much to go to 1-2 GB. And new colors are a given as well. But they're still having supply issues. And until that sorts itself out, I wouldn't expect them to add additional colors to the supply chain or make any other changes. And any new 'features' will probably be WiiWare/Channels...

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    Infinity Ward, makers of COD4 dont want to develop for the Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 June 2008

    Hmmm... flame bait. IW said that CoD4 did not fit on the Wii, not that they did not want to develop games on the Wii. Very misleading title....

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    E3 and Pricedrops

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 June 2008

    polezo said:Annnyway, I anticipate that in Mid-July E3 should make my choice between the X360 and PS3 easier because of new console exclusives and as of yet announced features (i.e. the Xmote or unrevealed Home features). However, I'd also be really pissed if I missed a pricedrop or shiny new SKU (see: blu-ray Xbox) by a month, since by my memory E3 isn't...

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    How much does it matter for you to have the "winning" console?

    in Sales Discussion on 22 May 2008

    I don't really care much. I've always been a fan of Nintendo... through the good times and the bad. But I think it's the thought of the potential that upsets many. I would have loved to been able to play Guitar Hero on my GameCube. But b/c it wasn't the most popular console, the game never came out for it. Of course a PS2 was cheap enough so I eventually did buy one for that and some other...

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