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So, many different places! So, many different people!




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São Carlos, SP - Brazil... Buy video games here SUX... we never had a Playstation launch, almost all VGC here are imported and the import tax for eletronic products is "only" 60%... The money value is R$2=U$1, and the first VGC with national release since I remember is Xbox360... for R$3000 (U$1500), and they only full translated Viva Pinata until now... I'm planing in buy a WII in "mercado livre", it's an ebay affiliate... there are some WIIs for only R$ 1100 (US550)...

Holland here aswell.. =)

nothing to say actually except for the weather, it sucks :>

 For the console situation here, pretty much all of my friends have 360's, and i'm pretty much the only one with a Wii (and a 360, collecting dust somewhere).

 But the strange thing is, is that random people i hardly know suddenly begin to talk about the Wii and such, like 'oh cool you have one too'. The thing im trying to say here is that we have a culture that is like a monkey-see-monkey-do. in other words, mass non-hardcore people will be getting a Wii soon. And that's already happening since the Wii is still outsold everywhere here, Ps3's going for lower than retail prices because of stock problems and such. But then again, this isn't news is it? it's happening, everywhere.


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Neos, im from Holland too. And yes, everone who buys a wii at my place buys it... My cousins have it now, even my uncle, 5 friends of mine have bought a wii too and none has an X360/PS3. However 2 of them formerly had a PS2 and one owned an Xbox. My point: 'Non-gamers' pick it up, like it and buy it because of its low pricepoint. Everyone is in love with Wii sports when they first try it... However: PS3 is still 600$ in my area (Nijmegen) And NOT SOLD OUT whereas the Wii is, EVERYWHERE... Btw, the wheather is great, 20 degrees Celcius . In early spring...


That's by far not enough, i demand t-shirt only weather =)


on-topic, yeah i guess i made my point about our country, and probably a lot more countries are developing the same situation. 

Neos - "If I'm posting in this thread it's just for the lulz."
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I was born in Uruguay, then I lived in Mexico for 24 years and now I'm living in Washington state.

UK. PS3 is in stock everywhere, and many retailers are starting to offer discounts, or very good deals when you buy games too. As far as I can tell, the PS3, although not doing amazingly since launch, is still outselling all. this is because the Wii is out of stock nearly everywhere, although Game have recenty had it in stock for nearly a week, maybe a lack of demand now? We'll see...

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I'm currently in a sublunar orbit between Champaign, Illinois and my beloved Austin, Texas, which has some of the worst weather and best culture on the planet. All three consoles are doing fine (both are game-literate university towns). But this damn student salary means I'm still five months away from that glorious, drool-inducing 32-inch HDTV. Oh, the inhumanity!

Adelaide, South Australia. weather's great, people are friendly. Wii's are pretty easy to find here, in fact so is every system. but there are absolutely no games... playstation 3 has barely made a ripple...

I am from Tepic, Mexico. Here the 360 is around 440 dollars (5000 pesos, premium pack), the ps3 around 900-1000 dollars (10 000 12 000 pesos) and 400 (4 500) the Nintendo wii. I think than here, the best console is the xbox. Mexico is the 4 or 5 country with more console solds for the xbox.

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