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Banned for having an incoherent user name.


Edit: Actually, Richard, my previous post was nearly a year ago 😀

Last edited by Azuren - on 19 March 2018

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Banned for being a stickler for the rules

Banned for laughing at all these silly and witty forum posts. ;)

Banned for paying money to a site you barely post on.

Banned for having a phallic looking avi.

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Banned for having an unpronounceable username.

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Banned for having a small avatar and no sig.

animegaming said:
Banned for having a small avatar and no sig.

Banned for banning yourself.






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Banned for having such a small avatar. What is that, an avatar for ants?

Banned for banning someone for the same reason.



Edit: does the 6 hour rule still count?