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Oneeee-Chan!!! said:
Eagle367 said:
Banned for attacking Xbox fans around the world and posting weird pics of anime girls crying for some reason


what gose around comes around.

How does that work?

VGPolyglot said:

Miguel_Zorro said:
Banned for calling the mod team "kids with anime avatars".

Oh wait.. that's jigsaw.                                     

I already kind of did that:

VGPolyglot said:
Banned for hating kids with anime avatars.

Banned for calling out the fact that you used that before

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

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Eagle367 said:


It's too late.  Googled it. 


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Your banned for voting Trump.

Banned for not having enough forum points.

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Banned for gloating about my threadname

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Banned for necrobumping.

These old threads feel like graveyards.

Banned for the desecration of graves

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banned for having an avatar of a fire emblem character i don’t know the name of.

Banned for smoking.