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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Kotaku gives lots of details about The Conduit - and it needs polish, lots of polish

They give a lot of new details here and some valid concerns as well.



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 Gearbox said:

Why? They actually seaid more possitive things than negative.

What Should Stay The Same?
Control Scheme

Options Galore

Varied Weapons

There Will Be Cheats

It's On The Wii

What Needs Improvement?

Polish, polish, polish: Everything from the graphics to the difficulty balancing could use a couple more passes by the developer. There's nothing glaringly wrong with the game, but a series of minor flaws combined with high expectations for The Conduit could cost High Voltage. 

Holding Down To Crouch

All Seeing Eye Puzzles Don't Make Much Sense

Gets Old Fast Early On*

And honestly the last one (*)applies for every single FPS campaign mode. I think that one month of delay would be good for this one.

On the most part I agree about polishing up the game.


"Example: the textures are dull – no biggie. But combine that with a level that's difficulty needs balancing (even Brett died like four times on the train in level four), "

OMG the level is too HARD, learn to play dumbass. Also wtf has textures got to do with difficulty of the game? Have I missed some sort of new phenomina?

"The biggest problem I foresee for The Conduit comes from shooter fans that are too used to games on PS3 and 360. It takes a lot of work to unlearn the dual analog stick system of moving and shooting; I could see gamers getting frustrated and mistaking The Conduit's controls as the source of their learning curve woes."

Alot of work to unlearn? is she a retard? I can switch between Killzone 2 and Cod:WaW or RE4 on Wii just fine.



Kotaku is it?

I'll be needing this then...

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i hope it doesnt fail like madworld

You should be beaten, burned to ashes then someone should throw your ashes from a plane

DiplomaticImmunity said:
i hope it doesnt fail like madworld

Because every single game need 3 million copies sold the first week.


I will buy this game, but I'm not expecting it to be perfect. Unless it get somewehere under 75% of average review, I will be happy. The Conduit will bring good stuff int the visual and control side of things. Like thay said in the article, it gonna be a good step forward for wii action games.

not to prejudge the game or anything, but i think this game will go towards the same route as Timesplitters 2 for the gamecube and ps2. Fun but tragically underrated.

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This is Kotaku, so anything about the Wii needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I will say that the article isn't actually that harsh, which is a good change of pace for them though. They raise what seem like valid concerns.

I only have issue with one thing though:

"Gets Old Fast Early On: I'm really hoping the story makes up for the lack of variety to gameplay. Sure, the All Seeing Eye puzzles shake things up a bit; but for the first four levels when you don't have it, combat gets really old really fast. Especially when you die more than four times at a single checkpoint."

There are several 90+ rated shooters that I have played that could be described as having a lack of varied gameplay.

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