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Forums - Sales Discussion - Warhawk 107k- Lair 92k/ STRANGE numbers

mitsuhide said:
How is 92k in 4-5days a failure?

 its actually 3 days for both games, considering Warhawk went online at Midnight the 29th. I'll wait for the sales for the full week.

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Do the Warhawk numbers include the PSN Downloads or not?

That makes some kinda sense i suppose you know they will all deny it and Soriku will flame you but you might be right.

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@ DmeisterJ:
No they dont and we are guessing that downloads is about 30-40% of sales(a recent survey suggests) so sales including that for NA are about 140-150k.

End of 2014 Hardware Predictions (03/03/14)

PlayStation 4: 12-15million

Xbox One: 7-10 million

Wii U: 8-9 million (Changed 01/04/2014 from 7-9 --> 8-9 million)

leo-j said:
You nintendo fanboys are all the same YOU GUYS ARE AFRAID SONY TAKES THE THROWN AGAIN. This is why your attacking with negativity.

Actually, I would argue that the constant hyping of this game by Kwaad, Hus, Blue3, ssj12, and kber ensured that any negativity these games recieved would match the hype they had before hand.


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Well I think only Game stop sold lair before the sept.4th date. I called alot of Targets and Toys r Us on Friday and they both said the game was not available till the 5th.

I have only played Lair for a little while and really I do not get why the scores were so low. The game is very fast paced and Very fun the flying with the Sixaxis is not a downer like some reviewers have claimed I really liked the controls the controler seems perfect for this game. It takes a bit of getting used to but the game seems Fine I would give it an 8 out of 10 so I don't fell its perfect but it is a hell of alot better than that 4.9 that IGN gave it. I almost did not get this game due to the bad reviews and I was ready to just move the reserve money to another game since I was already enjoying Warhawk. I will just say I am glad I decided on just getting the game.

Globox82 said:

Wow warhawk had so many possitive and great reviews and it sold 107k, while LAIR horrible reviews and it sold almost as good as Warhawk!?! 92k

Unleass WarHawk number only include Blue Ray version but that is hard to belive. 

Welcome to the world of online-only gaming. They just don't sell very well, which is why I was outright laughing at some of the predictions (1m or more) from the last few weeks.

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footbag said:
ANyone with a PS3 has got to be desperate at this point. I would expect these titles to sell well despite their ratings.

For a multiplayer only game to outsell the much hyped Lair says more about Warhawk then it does Lair.

Yeah man that Warhawk sure has gotten bad reviews.

Oh wait...



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Lair sold for the same reason my Saturn game sold... It looked good.

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