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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Could this be the BIG September Surprise?

i havent read everyones comments, and i dunno if anyones asked but...

wouldnt it be reffereing to no more heroes, by grasshopper studios? since it says "grasshoppa"....






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But it says 'Bloodier".. Red Steel was NEVER bloody!

I think Killer 7 sequel!

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It is Red Steel 2. Check this out :

Just came to mind; maybe it's just more info on No more Heroes? It's developer (or publisher-can't remember) is Grasshopper... Hmmmm... I'm definitely buying the next issue and I'll inform you ppl

ckmlb said:

Isn't it better to find out what the game actually i before getting excited?

Is there even a name of the developer or company behind it?

Also, if it's Red Steal 2 then it doesn't interest me at all.

Part of the fun is guessing what the cover of the magazine is. Then the conversation lead to Red Steel 2. I have high hopes for Red Steel 2. Ubisoft is one of my favorite companies and their team is really talented. I think good companies deserve second chances. I have a feeling Ubisoft are going to redeem themselves. From your post, you are saying that people should wait for more information before getting excited but you are making a judgement of Red Steel 2 before seeing the game. Hypocracy no?



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Is Nintendo's Press confrence thing like Tommorrow or something, Dont you think Nintendo's Surprise will be announced there and maybe even released on Wii Connect the same day?

Any news yet guys?



If Red Steel 2 has a solid multiplayer it could be a smash hit. Medal of Honor Heroes is the other game I think that will be good for the Wii. I have a feeling developers are taking notes on the controls after Metroids success. I would like to see a sci-fi franchise fps next.



I have a feeling it may be a playable demo of SSBB downloadable from the Wii ware section, well a guy can dream can't he.


EDIT: Everyone keeps guessing about games but as was stated before Reggie said a big surprise for The Connect24, I just think they are finally gonna start putting up some Playable Demos starting with SSBB. 

Maybe a new Bug Island game :P There are grasshoppers in there right :P

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