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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Could this be the BIG September Surprise?

I would definitely like to see an awesome sequel to Red Steel! There were a lot of good ideas in the first game, and it certainly wasn't a horrible game. I would be quite excited.

Just kiss the tip.

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Sqrl said:
Honestly I haven't played RS1 yet, but thats mostly because it hasn't really gotten great reviews. I might be convinced to rent it if you guys think its worth it but I think I will hold out on buying a RS game until (if) RS2 gets good reviews.

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Sweet :)

..and it won't be the September surprise. That would be something we get to play/use in September - not months later ;)

(was also thinking September surprise might be a cool VC game - nothing would be better than Goldeneye... I can dream anyway :>).


1/ I really enjoyed Red Steel, and will be playing more of it today. You have to be forgiving with the controls though. 

2/ I really, REALLY hope Red Steel doesn't launch till early-mid '08. Please spend the time on it Ubisoft, and make it GOOD. 

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Yeah, Red Steel got way too much crap, more than it deserved. My biggest complaint would be the bugs and glitches in the game. Sword fighting should have been cut or the game shoulda been delayed until they got it right. The graphics, gun controls, and some of the enviroments/levels were good or great. The music is incredible. Coulda used some work on the story though; giving Scott anything resembling a personality would have been a start.

I'm very excited for Red Steel 2. I think they will get it right this time, not having to cram and rush to make launch and all.

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Anyone know what the symbol on the scan means?


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This teaser is about Red Steel 2 (which is a no brainer) and the game is not September's Wii Connect surprise.

I hope Ubisoft buys a copy of Metroid Prime 3 and copies the hell out of it!

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I thought the first one was fun.

Red Steel has a 6.8 on game stats, which I think is kinda strange. While I don't think the game was a master piece Ratatouille, Pirates of the Carribean, and Vangaurd all ranked similarly. How does Vandguard rank so close to Red Steel, reviewers are f'd up all over the web. Vanguard was broken, Red Steel may or may not be your cup of tea, but it wasn't broken like Vanguard.

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tk1797 said:
Anyone know what the symbol on the scan means?

My thoughts exactly. If someone could post what that symbol means that would be grreeaattt....

Just kiss the tip.

Hmm a red dot and the symbol for steel?

 I know the most kanji (Chinese ones)  and I can't found this one and it is for sure not steel. X_X. 

The symbol is cut-off. The full symbol is available through the link.