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starcraft said:
Oh come on.

"Approximately 50/50?" He just didn't want to start a shitstorm.

It's one of the biggest games in the world and one we must receive an enormous amount of data for. Brett didn't screw it up that badly.

The TT exec was just being diplomatic.


yeah it has started already.... lol

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OMG... can't you guys read???

13 million GTAIV
50% is sold for the 360..

6,5 million which is in line with the numbers here...

50% of that is 3,25 million.. is the addressable market for the downloable content.. So they can sell the content to a max number of 3,25 million xbox live gamers...
which is in line what NPD said of the 360 having 50% online gamers...

hence the 50/50



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Brett cannot count every game ever sold everywhere it's just a guesstimate.

It sounds to me like he is saying 50% of the copies of GTA shipped/sold would be able to but the Lost and the Damned. Factoring in a modest amount of sales for the PC and the ratio becomes quite plausible. I don't know why people are mentioning the "both" comment. They were talking about the break down of copies in 2 different areas, and both are 50/50 roughly.

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Maybe they havent looked at VGC for the figures

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that awesome if true
if not the ps3 will get help theres a new bundle coming out in march for others its a ps3 and gta4 and gt5p

@ colonel i see u got the new F&F on ur profile pic that movie should be awesome as well cant wait to see it


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These are shipped figures and I'll say it for the tenth time: 360-version is about 500k overtracked in the US. Hope this gets fixxed.

5mil ps3, 6 mil 360 but these are sold and according to vgchartz, i dont know the exact amount sold or the difference betweeen the 2. I doubt any1 but tak 2 does.


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AE86 said:
ymeaga1n said:
If I'm reading that article correctly. The 50/50 answer is to the question of "So what's the addressable market for the downloadable The Lost and Damned.", not what is the GTA4 spread of x360/ps3.

And the DLC is not available to ps3 or PC (as of now). That would make sense that it's 50/50.


Lol, how in the hell does 50/50 answer that question? It's definitely the PS3/360 split.

Maybe you should read the article and understand it. 50% of the GTA4 base is the addressable market of the DLC, which is only on x360. So if x360 has 50%, the other 50% is shared between PC and PS3. 

TT is talking about GTA franchise, not the GTA franchise on consoles.


ps3 version must have sold alot more in europe.