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Forums - General Discussion - I'm officially a Pilot now!!!!

Congratulations and I hope you will do well with your new job.


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well... i'm still in school... can't quiet work yet. Not until I get my commercial... that's when I'm going to start looking for a job

Praise Jesus (The god).

Congrats Jesus (Maynard)

There goes my pun for the day.

epic OWNAGE, conragts

You should be beaten, burned to ashes then someone should throw your ashes from a plane

Take your Helicopter, fly over the UCSD library, and save me from this damned place, naow!!!

I'm waiting on the roof! ..... Quick!!!

... I'll jump!!!!



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hello how are you.

Congrats man! (saw the link in your sig)

Congratulations man !!!!

Congratulations! \m/ ^_^ \m/

Congrats, Im barely learning to drive a car so I imagine a plane would be way harder xD.