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Forums - General Discussion - I'm officially a Pilot now!!!!

Congrats Jesus.

Nice to hear a success story from a member of the site.

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Congrats on being a Pilot now!!!
Can you pick me up from Egypt and tour me around the world?

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supermario128 said:
c03n3nj0 said:
supermario128 said:
Not good, that's why I stopped.


You got no customers?


For some reason.

You're just not super enough..........yet. But once you become super enough, they'll come.

Cool dude, congrats!

haven't seen this. Felicidades!

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Thanks =)

Hey if it hasn't been mentioned...

Your instructor is kinda hot. Did she also get you membership in the Mile High club?

I would not mind getting a pilot license someday in the future

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@ Superchunk Yeah, it has been said many times. And no =( but I have hopes that one day.....

@monkeyman40210: I just have to said that flying is amazing. Really worth it