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Uefa cup hmmmm. To increase its popularity they decided to rename it i wonder if it will work.

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it has come to an end

here is my post from the other thread:

People saying that Messi "didn't do shit"
u realize that the stupid tactical changes furgeson made was just to stop messi? and yeah they worked really well and Messi was held back but what did that cost Man Utd? the whole game, no?

Iniesta and Xavi are just pure win they deserve the best.
I predict 3-0 for man utd simply because of the suspensions and injuries but I was wrong obviously :D

Ronaldo did very well although he was selfish.
The second goal is an absolute defending disaster , I couldn't believe it.

CONGRATZ barca am very happy , this was a nice game and a nice season.

and Valdes keeps on surprising me these days , for the first time ever i think barca should keep him.

also, I realize now that eto does so much better when he playes in the "wings" and I still see him as a bad striker.