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appolose said:
The Ghost of RubangB said:
appolose said:
Yeah, this is an awesome game. Just beat it myself last month.

Anyone know how to do that one thing Samus does in the gameplay clips that play if you wait long enough at the title screen? You know, where that color changing aura appears around her and she starts floating? It looks AWESOME.

Yeah what the hell was that?  It embarrassed me in front of my wife.  She saw that, and asked if I could do that, and I said "no" and she said "Oh, you haven't even BEGUN to play this game then."  Hahaha.  It was something with charging up your sprint but then dropping a power bomb I think.  I'll try that and report back here.


 Ha, I've been unable to figure it out either (after 4 playthroughs).  I also noticed that her missle count and energy were going up as she did it (I think).

It's known as The Crystal Aura/Flash.*Spoiler* You hold down DOWN, L, and R while seting off a super bomb. It cost 10 missles, 10 super missles, and 11 super bomb to do it. You also have, to have less than 50 units of life and then your missles are converted into life units.


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Power Glove? No.

TruckOSaurus said:
@Rubang & appolose: I'm guessing the move you are referring to is this one:

Crystal flash

For this to work Samus' energy must not be higher than 49 (and her
reserve tanks must be empty) and she must have 10 missiles, 10 super
missiles and 11 power bombs. First select the [power bombs] then morph
and hold these buttons: {down}, {aim-diagonally-down} and
{aim-diagonally-up}. Press and hold {fire}. When the power bomb
detonates Samus' energy will start to refill.

Don't give me credit for this though. I found it on GameFaqs.

Thanks; I'll try this and the other method.  How could anyone have discovered how to do this with these requirements?



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Soriku said:
Power Glove? No.

Back in our day, IN THE GOLDEN AGE OF GAMING, we had to use the Power Glove for motion controls.  It really only worked perfectly with one game, Super Glove Ball, and outside of that, barely worked at all.

You kids have it easy, with this Wii stuff, and it's gonna get even easier with Motion Plus.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. BEST. GAME. EVER.

I felt the same way the first time I played it. Why can't new games give this feeling? It's just incredible, and the map makes it a lot more playable than the original.

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A Koopa's Revenge II gameplay video

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Oh man, one thing I don't miss about older games is drawing my own map so I wouldn't get lost. That was my main gripe with the first Metroid.

And I think this game had more secrets than Donkey Kong Country. Treasure hunting can just take over the whole game.

The Ghost of RubangB said:
Soriku said:

But wait...aren't kids supposed to be better than older people because they have more time to play and master games, meaing we're supposed to be better than you?

It's a double-edged sword.  Kids have more time on their hands, so they can grind all day in RPGs and often have faster reflexes for online shooters, but at the same time, they started playing video games more recently, after they were dumbed down.  Meanwhile, us older folk sharpened our teeth on impossible games like Battletoads, and we really know what pain is.  We played games with no save points, no passwords, no tutorials, no clues, and sometimes no continues, so when it comes to games that don't hold your hand the whole way through (with crap like Navi), we have the advantage.

This is 100% spot on. I used to be able to play arcade games like Stargate, Defender, Robotron and for over 2 hours from 1 quarter. Games like Contra & Megaman make todays hardcore games look like a princess party. To beat games with no save spots, my friends and I would leave our console on for days at a time when we got a new game until we learned how to beat it in one session. When you were hardcore then, you were REALLY hardcore.

Wow, I just had a "Back in my day......." moment.


BAM! There it is!
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While we're on the topic, anyone who thinks MM9 is hard is clearly a kidcore gamer. ;)

wfz said:
While we're on the topic, anyone who thinks MM9 is hard is clearly a kidcore gamer. ;)

This is really uncalled for. At least wait until DMeisterJ has returned from his ban before you insult him.

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RolStoppable said:
wfz said:
While we're on the topic, anyone who thinks MM9 is hard is clearly a kidcore gamer. ;)

This is really uncalled for. At least wait until DMeisterJ has returned from his ban before you insult him.


It's hard to be online during the few minutes he's online between his bans. =