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I still don't see what is bad about some one saying someone else isn't human. If you are posting the accusations obviously can not be true, so why get offended? Please someone explain this to me.

Let's stick to only banning truly offensive stuff that are based in reality, like race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. If you start limiting it for every complaint then any one can claim any thing someone says about them is offensive. I think it's understood that this forum allows cursing and suggestive discussions, that light hearted insults would be expected.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

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naznatips said:


People stop this once and for all. 

If you have a problem with a member report him to a mod.  If you have a problem with a mod, message Stof.  However, I'm guessing you people are having trouble doing that, because I just flipped through Ben's posting history and there isn't a single comment insulting Sony in there, much less another member.  

Most people on this site are reasonable posters most of the time.  kber always is, so I don't know why anyone would ever have a problem with him.  I've got your back kber .  Again, if you have problems, REPORT THEM.   If you don't understand why they weren't banned, then message a mod who you trust and ask them about it.  You all seem to trust ckmlb, so message him.

Everyone on this forums has opinions, and everyone has the right to discuss those opinions here.  Someone disagreeing with you is not trolling.  Somone telling you your opinion is stupid and invalid is.  Learn to accept that other people think differently than you.  Discuss things with them, and be open minded.  There is no reason to ever insult anyone for disagreeing with you, but conversely, there is also no reason to ever complain about people disagreeing with you.  Yes, there are more Nintendo fans on here than Sony fans.  They will never stop presenting their opinions, and as long as they aren't insulting or trolling, they shouldn't have to.  

Do you people really think everyone who disagrees with you is automatically insulting you?  Can you really not accept having a minority opinion?  I mean I could count the amount of 360 fans on this forum on one hand, and yet they all seem to be reasonable and intelligent posters.  Poor Legend is often completely alone in his opinion, but he continues to support it and discuss it to the best of his ability without being insulting.  Forums are places for people to openly express their opinions.  Do you really want to live in a world where people can no longer express and discuss their ideas?  I think VGChartz is a very good environment to do this in, and I'm saddened by the people who get upset by the fact that people do have different opinions on here.


@ ps4owner, none of my recent posts have been in the Sony discussion forums, nor have any of them been insulting.  Please feel free to go through my posting history and explain how I am insulting or attacking the PS3.  I post and discuss in all forums.  I'm not going to pretend I never enter the Sony forums, but I like to think I never insult other members.  If you can find instances of me doing so, please go ahead.  I will gladly sincerely appologize to anyone I have insulted.  If you cannot, then I request you stop accusing me of things. 

Nice post and very well said! You don't have to agree with one another, but hey... that's life! As long there are more than 2 people alive on this planet, they will have their disagreements.

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Hey, this guys name is Just_Ben. Does that mean we should come up with some wild "intelligent" accusations that he only wants (BEN)kenobi as the ONLY mod. That he worships Benkenobi and should be arrested for being a stalker, as evidence proves from his name. No, we shouldn't.

But this exactly what ChichiriMuyo sounds like when he is "ranting."

Thread locked as requested. Nice work here killzone...

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I think we should ban chichirimuyo guy. Why, because from my "calculations" he has "offended" me greatly by ignoring my post. I feel as if his ignoring implies that he is toooooo good to answer them back, and that he strongly believes he is above me in every way. He is insulting my intellyeegence which makes me feal like an inferior being person. LOL. Or maybe he's not logged in. That would be more realistic.