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Wuhu. Here comes the hate. Ok, first of: Neither Ben, nore cklmb or kber81 are fanboys. Calling them that shows that people can't pick up a normal argument if they are confronted with one. Every of those have their point of view, and they should be allowed to have one. You can like them or not, but a fanboy is somebody who goes aggressive without reason, and do not argue more repeating the same assumption without laying the reasons down for that assumptions. You can like or dislike the people mentioned or their point of view, but the hell don't call everybody a fanboy just because they do not agree with you.

For the topic. This forum has a for me a problem. There are people who seems to like to fight each other, over and over again, with just repeating the same assumptions and arguments. If you post in the middle of a thread with a point of view that could be somehow reasonable or you make a long post, really explaining your point of view, you get no replies. You just be ignored, because it seems the reasonable people ignore the thread caused by the war in it, and the people who's fighting in the thread don't bother to pick it up, because it is a voice of sanity.

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I still think your taking it way to seriously chichi, pm him and ask him if he meant it as a joke. He certainly didnt mean it as a challenge to your status as a human being and even suggesting such a thing is preposterous, just because there is no tone of voice or expression on the internet does not mean there is no such thing as humour.

As far as I can see he did not mean it as an insulting thing, you just took it as one =

Personally I couldnt care if BK rang up my house and told me I wasnt a human being (apart from being extremely worried about how he got my phone number and why the hell he was standing on my front lawn) largely because I wouldnt take him seriously and I consider my status as a human being way above being challenged.


 Edit: In any case lets leave it here Chichi, we arent contributing to the thread with this argument. 

ChichiriMuyo said:
RolStoppable said:
ChichiriMuyo said:
Rath said:
Moderators arent robots, Im almost certain that BK was saying that in a humorous and exaggerated manner. Its kind of lime me saying, "You didnt like ocarina? And you call yourself a human!".
Taking comments to seriously and out of context doesnt make the person who made them a poor moderator.

Human or not, he's here to set an example. When you throw out blanket terms that cover thousands of members/potential members of a site that is percievable as an attack against them you're setting a pretty shitty example. It doesn't matter if he meant it as a joke, because it didn't come off as a joke. It didn't sound humorous at all, it sounded like he has a low opion of me simply because I think Half_Life isn't worth my time.

That's like saying GBallZach is an exmplary member of these forums. You're insulting everyone on this site by even suggesting that Ben is representing the attitude that is expected of VGcharts members. If that's the attitude the average VGC member should present you may as well ban me now, because this place is going to turn into a shit factory faster than you can cry "KwaadGBallZachHus."

It is NEVER appropriate to say another person is not a Human Being. Never.

What about saying that another person has no soul? Is this never appropriate as well?

Because that's what the head mod (stof) said last night about another person. 

Not everyone believes in souls, and there is no actual evidence to support the existance of such a thing.  Human beings are real.  There is a massive difference in the two.  If someone said I have no soul, then I would happily accept their statement as it is a wholly believable thing and far less insulting even if it weren't true. 
There is, however, no doubt that I am a human being.  To even suggest otherwise is insulting.  It doesn't matter what my culture or beliefs are (to those who mention it), such things simply should not be said.  I can't even imagine a group of people who are willing to accept being told that they deserve so little respect.
Again, some of you think he meant it as a joke but there is nothing to indicate it is so.  This is the internet, there is no tone of voice, and if he doesn't want to insult people he shouldn't say insulting things.  I can't see a smirk on his face, I can't hear a mischievious tone in his voice.  All I can see are the words: "you aren't as good as me becasue you don't agree with me."  And I've seen that in plenty of his posts in the past. 
At this point it's not just insulting my intelligence to let this go unnoticed, it really is a challenge to my status as a human being.

Stop trolling.

Can you use your intelligence to see if that was a joke. Wait let me help.....

Killzone3 said:

Fuck one cant start a pro ps3 thread with out wii fanboys derailing it fast. And looki looki a mod in on it, quite typical.

Any Thread about some weakness or short coming of the wii is closed, while any PS3 does something well its troll to death by wii fanboys and wii fanboy mods. And call em out on it and the wii fanboy mod accuses you of trolling, WTF i know what i started the thread about.

Serioulsy ioi, either be fair or call this place VG nintendo. Ckmlb is a good mod, even very pro 360 mod like mrstickball is cool i like his posts. But its quite clear shams and BenKenobi88 are wii fanboys, why the hell are they mods ?

hell the best anwser is a ban, i like the PS3 its all the reason your mods need.

Jeez grow up!

There are plenty of pro-PS3 threads around - and pro-Ninty fans attack them, the same way that pro-Sony fans attack Ninty pro-threads.

BUT - there is attacking, and there is attacking.

One is arguing against the points in the context of the thread - which is exactly what forums like this are about. There is no obligation for people to have to agree with a thread topic before posting.

The other is trolling. It requires no introduction, we have all witnessed it. And I personally think the mods here do a pretty good job in trying to stamp it out.


I saw the complaint against Ben - its still sitting in the 'TBD' column for mods. I honestly don't know what to do about it - its in my "too hard basket", and I'll leave it for someone else.


As I have said before - I never asked to be a mod. I avoid using my "mod power" except when obvious or necessary. And I am a self-admitted Nintendo fan - have always been, and will always be. But if YOU are going around saying my "mod behaviour" is being biased by my Ninty-fandom - you had better some or proof, or you are really, really going to tick me off :P

I'll no doubt be flamed for saying this, but this is exactly the sort of behaviour we see too much of from Sony fans - and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


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I'm a PS3 fan and to be honest I'm embarrased by other PS3 fans across the internet. I didn't realise how many people were actually bad loosers.

At the end of the day, a console is just a console, it's a few lumps of silicon glued together. It doesn't have feeligs or emotions, so it doesn't need people to stick up for it. And, the people you feel you should be sticking up for (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) would not give a second thought in dropping the console if it doesn't make enough money (in the long run, obviously).

There are also some very pro-ps3 mods like ckmlb and roadkillers, who Nintendo fans here probably dislike as much as you dislike BenKenobi88 (great mod, btw).

Also the fact that this thread was made by a member called 'Killzone3' and he spelt bias wrong kinda kills any positive effect that this thread COULD of had (not that I saee any).

Oh, and I had threads like this. If any possible new members come to this site and see the thread on the front page they could be scared off.


People stop this once and for all. 

If you have a problem with a member report him to a mod.  If you have a problem with a mod, message Stof.  However, I'm guessing you people are having trouble doing that, because I just flipped through Ben's posting history and there isn't a single comment insulting Sony in there, much less another member.  

Most people on this site are reasonable posters most of the time.  kber always is, so I don't know why anyone would ever have a problem with him.  I've got your back kber .  Again, if you have problems, REPORT THEM.   If you don't understand why they weren't banned, then message a mod who you trust and ask them about it.  You all seem to trust ckmlb, so message him.

Everyone on this forums has opinions, and everyone has the right to discuss those opinions here.  Someone disagreeing with you is not trolling.  Somone telling you your opinion is stupid and invalid is.  Learn to accept that other people think differently than you.  Discuss things with them, and be open minded.  There is no reason to ever insult anyone for disagreeing with you, but conversely, there is also no reason to ever complain about people disagreeing with you.  Yes, there are more Nintendo fans on here than Sony fans.  They will never stop presenting their opinions, and as long as they aren't insulting or trolling, they shouldn't have to.  

Do you people really think everyone who disagrees with you is automatically insulting you?  Can you really not accept having a minority opinion?  I mean I could count the amount of 360 fans on this forum on one hand, and yet they all seem to be reasonable and intelligent posters.  Poor Legend is often completely alone in his opinion, but he continues to support it and discuss it to the best of his ability without being insulting.  Forums are places for people to openly express their opinions.  Do you really want to live in a world where people can no longer express and discuss their ideas?  I think VGChartz is a very good environment to do this in, and I'm saddened by the people who get upset by the fact that people do have different opinions on here.


@ ps4owner, none of my recent posts have been in the Sony discussion forums, nor have any of them been insulting.  Please feel free to go through my posting history and explain how I am insulting or attacking the PS3.  I post and discuss in all forums.  I'm not going to pretend I never enter the Sony forums, but I like to think I never insult other members.  If you can find instances of me doing so, please go ahead.  I will gladly sincerely appologize to anyone I have insulted.  If you cannot, then I request you stop accusing me of things. 

If anyone wants me to close this thread off, just PM me.

I think its ironic that Killzone started the thread, and has not posted in it again. Awesome troll material.


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shams said:

If anyone wants me to close this thread off, just PM me.

I think its ironic that Killzone started the thread, and has not posted in it again. Awesome troll material.


 Just keep it open if it is not going completly out of hand, there is still hope that actually people understand each other.