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ElRhodeo said:
I don't know what you are talking about, man.
I know that I'm constantly being annoyed by aggressive PS3 fanboys like you, kber81 or ckmlb, who show up in neutral threads to spread some Nintendo hate. So could it all be a matter of perspective?

Are you kidding? I try to avoid N-related threads... What do you mean by neutrals? Care to provide some links with my aggressive attitude? SMG - Ratchet comparison maybe? C'mon... chill out. I'm the one who survived (slaughter of PS3 fanboys)

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ps4owner said:
Look its more wii fanboys here to chase away all but the wii fans. No wonder 99.9% of the gamers out there think this site is a joke.

Ahh so when a thread like this is made attacking Wii fans (and boy is it attacking) we arent allowed to defend ourselves otherwise we are trying to 'chase away all but the wii fans'. Grow up.

Oh and dont worry kber, I still love you =P

 Edit: Are you talking about the Hus and Washim bans Kber, you gotta admit - they deserved them.

Rath said:
almost every Wii fan here would respect a PS3 fan who showed some respect back.

I'm sorry, but this isn't actually true.  While it does hold true most of the time, simply supporting the PS3 WILL get you attacked by Wii fans (who go unpunished...) regardless of your attitude.  And it's really not just a handful of people.  Yes, the moderates with Wii leanings don't make those attacks, but people who are fully supporters of the Wii often attack people who want/love all of the consoles equally for not supporting their view. 

Moderators like BenKenobi are NOT exempt from this childish behavior, and it's only the subtleness of his trolling that allows it to go unnoticed.  He is a troll, sadly, and it makes the rest of the moderators look bad when he makes attacking statments in the vein of "people who don't like Valve aren't human."  He is, honestly, detrimental to the job some of the other admins have been doing here and is as likely o push people away from this site as a Hus or GBallZach because the average user expects a higher standard of fairness and maturity from the moderators than the common poster.

Ben's a real pro at trolling, I can tell this from my years of experience doing the exact same thing, and his behavious is really going unnoticed because of the way he presents himself.  He still acts like a troll far too often, and that only further perpetuates the idea that this site is biased against the PS3 (rather than in favor of "reality").  Only those who support his point of view look past this.

You do not have the right to never be offended.

Well, what thread are you talking about Killzone?  I'm looking through recent topics and not seeing anything insulting or attacking the PS3.

BenKenobi88 called me "not human".

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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Ben is less of a troll the Cklmb and I would personally say neither of them are trolls, although they are the most distinctly biased of the moderators (all moderators are biased, everyone in the world is) but neither of them abuse their powers.
Being a mod doesnt exempt you from having a sense of humour or your own opinions =

Also everything you said about Wii fanboys can be repeated about PS3 fanboys, and no doubt X360 fanboys if we had any on this site (thank god so far we only have fans and no xbots).

Rath said:

Edit: Are you talking about the Hus and Washim bans Kber, you gotta admit - they deserved them.

The point is ElRhodeo has me, Hus and Washimul on the same list... I'm still here... That's the reason of his frustration...

Rath, as Rol just said: "Ben just called me not Human." I, frankly, don't appreciate ANYONE saying that I'm not Human. It's insulting, degrading, and it makes this entire site look bad. It's behavior that shouldn't be tolerated from regular users, let alone moderators. I will not standby and let someone demean me like that simply because my TASTE varies from theirs.

Until you point out Cklmb insinuating that other people are less valuable as human beings for not sharing his opinion I'm going to have to say your comments are bullocks. Sweaty, hairy, uncleaned bullocks.

I'm not asking for the moderators to be perfect, just that they act like decent people. Calling someone "not Human" simply because they don't like the rubbish games you hail as god is not decency. It's immature, and as I've said it makes the entire site look bad as he is a representative of it.

And while you're right that it can be said of any group of fans, that doesn't make it right.  I mean, let's put this into comparison:  If a white man has a slave, does that make it okay for a black man to own a slave?  No, slavery is wrong in principle.  If you murder someone in cold blood without any cause (let alone a just one) and get away with it, does that make it okay for me to murder someone?  No, murder is wrong in principle.  Likewise, it doesn't (or rather, shouldn't...) matter who you are, insulting someone simply for not being a clone of you is wrong in principle, and shouldn't be accepted from anyone. 

It should be LESS exceptable for a moderator, though, as they are here not just here to monitor us but to set appropriate examples of how we are supposed to act.  And if BenKenobi is an approriate example, then it is perfectly fair for me to demean anyone I choose for any reason I choose based soley on my own personal tastes.  If Ben is my role model, then I can simply state "your existance is a waste" to you and not only go unpunished but hold the highest possition availabel opn this site to anyone other than ioi.  Is that the sort of person you want moderating?

You do not have the right to never be offended.

Moderators arent robots, Im almost certain that BK was saying that in a humorous and exaggerated manner. Its kind of lime me saying, "You didnt like ocarina? And you call yourself a human!".
Taking comments to seriously and out of context doesnt make the person who made them a poor moderator.

Reality has a Wii bias.

I own both; I liked my PS2 better than my GC, but at no time did I ever feel like my GC was a waste of money. Buying a PS3 was my third largest gaming mistake ever. #1 Buying the 360, despite RROD. #2 Trading my broken 360 in 2 days before they announced the warranty extention.

You are right though, trolls suck. Of course just because somebody disagrees with you doesn't mean they are a troll.

Trolling can be seen in threads where one member claims another is a fanboy:
"Fuck one cant start a pro ps3 thread with out wii fanboys derailing it fast"

Trolling is also where somebody goes into a thread and bashes a company:

"EA not ho out a game on every console... I find that hard to believe, its EA people come on."

Trolling can be seen going into a thread and accusing a source of being turned towards your system of choice:

"Its called supporting your products but i expect and already see people twisting it into anti PS3 fud.

If they pulled a MS and dropped all support i would have never again got any of their products."

Whether responding to flame bait or not flamers can be found all over the boards:

"Hes former ND person, nice spin with the thread title like always."

Bashing another consoles software lineup or features:

"... but even with a big software advantage you cant beat the PS3 and that advantage is quickly coming to an end."

"You got to PAY extra to play online, theres lag and if you don't have high speed internet you out of luck. Theres also quite the character limit comapred to other shooters. Quite good sure, but way to over state things."

Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.


To be fair I added some of my own border line posts:

Um, my Wii isn't dusty... My PS3 is.

Too bad for them that those 360/PS3 games are going to be up against a bunch of other high budget games with only a 20-22 million user base ('08)when you add them up, still less profit than making a good Wii game.

Despite my distaste for anything MS I still think that all three consoles will have sustainable numbers.  All three may even turn a profit. (Fair, but still a tad negative.)

{joke} This just gets me more excited for DMC 5 on Wii {/Joke or is it...}

the lack of consumer HD awareness, the elitism of MS and Sony towards consumers, the high prices (compared to previous generation winners), etc., etc., etc...  MS cutting into the Playstation Brand popularity and starting this wreckless money war has divided hardcore gamers and left the casual and core gamers to Nitnendo.

Of course I think I am pretty objective, after all my second biggest mistake was trading in my 360 despite it breaking and my calls to throw MS execs in jail.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.