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Forums - Website Topics - Good to see vg bais like always.

Fuck one cant start a pro ps3 thread with out wii fanboys derailing it fast. And looki looki a mod in on it, quite typical.

 Any Thread about some weakness or short coming of the wii is closed, while any PS3 does something well its troll to death by wii fanboys and wii fanboy mods. And call em out on it and the wii fanboy mod accuses you of trolling, WTF i know what i started the thread about.

Serioulsy ioi, either be fair or call this place VG nintendo. Ckmlb is a good mod, even very pro 360 mod like mrstickball is cool i like his posts. But its quite clear shams and BenKenobi88 are wii fanboys, why the hell are they mods ?

hell the best anwser is a ban, i like the PS3 its all the reason your mods need.

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your pushing it kill ima have to close this thread right now because its not supporting the wii

i hope you learned your lesson

lol jk i dont know i dont see that, i do see alot of fans on here that do bring ps3 down alot, but maybe you should try to open up to the other consoles, like xbots you always post neg stuff on 360 and wii when you get the chance, then we get flame wars and it get shut down

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Oh so Cklmb isnt a PS3 fan? Wait, I thought from all his posts he was?

Everyone has bias, you just dont see Ck as having a bias as its the same bias as yours. Wii threads are often attacked by PS3 fans, maybe you dont see it as you are among those attacking.

To be honest Im actually fucking sick of the 'poor me, Im a PS3 fan, the whole world is against me' thing some of you have going on. I see so many people pulling that shit up constantly and its so untrue, almost every Wii fan here would respect a PS3 fan who showed some respect back. I respect Roadkillers who I think is a PS3 fan for example, and Ck as well.
However dont expect me to respect you when you come up with posts like this, just like ballsonchin or Hus or Gball cant expect me to respect them.

Liking the PS3 won't get you banned, nor will grossly misinterpreting the news you quote in an article that you erroneously believe lauds PS3.
But being an arrogant name-calling prick? That sounds like good grounds for a banning.

If I'm not mistaken, Benkenobi88 was even the one who banned GballZack, the uber Nintendo fangirl you could imagine and Soriku has been banned as well by DKII, temporary.

Personally I honestly don't care if someone likes his 360, PS3 or WII, were all gamers and if you troll, you should do that some place elsewhere, where it's excepted, no matter what kind of fanboy you are. Nintendo fanboys should stop harassing PS3 fans in their topics and vice versa. If not, then go to a biased website. Just shake hands, be friends you all, as we do have at least one thing in common, we all love video games!

This probably doesn't make any sense at all, but had to say it anyway ;)

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Which thread are we talking about here? I've found most of the mods (most of the time, despite some off moments) to be fine all around.

Try PSU Pretty good place, kinda the opposite of this place.

Being biased is the result of being human. Everyone is biased whether we like it or not.

If you're so frustrated with the atmosphere here I suggest It has the BIGGEST amount of PS3 fans on any community I have ever seen. You'll love it there.

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Look its more wii fanboys here to chase away all but the wii fans. No wonder 99.9% of the gamers out there think this site is a joke.

I don't know what you are talking about, man.
I know that I'm constantly being annoyed by aggressive PS3 fanboys like you, kber81 or ckmlb, who show up in neutral threads to spread some Nintendo hate. So could it all be a matter of perspective?

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