Forums - Sales Discussion - Sony says "active worldwide install base of 21.3 million PS3"

In the PR news release about its official expansion into Latin America, Sony states:

...already consisting of an active worldwide install base of 21.3 million PLAYSTATION(R)3 (PS3(TM)) computer entertainment system ...




That number is about 1M more than what VGChartz has the PS3 listed as selling. So there are three possibilities.


1. VGChartz has undertracked the PS3 (a less than 5% error).

2. Sony is quoting sales to stoores (which is what they know).

3. Sony misspoke (which happened by 10M on the PS2 sales).


My money would be on No. 2 -- but any of these or a combination thereof is possible.


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The confusing thing is that that is the same figure as their shipment figures through December 30th 08

mike_intellivision said:

3. Sony misspoke (which happened by 10M on the PS2 sales).


What does that mean?

well i highly doubt that. Not everyone registers their system. Heck even I haven't made a psn account on my ps3 yet. Have no reason to so why waste my time.

I just put in games i want to play and play them, the way consoles are meant to be. Only reason have an account on the 360 is so i can watch netflix.

option 4: they're counting PSN accounts with a wild stab at the number of people not online? >_>

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Defo not sold to consumers.

A) Like Munkehh111 pointed out this is the exact same figure of PS3s they said they had SHIPPED in December.

B) Microsoft announced the 360 SHIPPED 28.5

See where I am going with this?


mehm said:
mike_intellivision said:

3. Sony misspoke (which happened by 10M on the PS2 sales).

What does that mean?

I think it was at the E3 last year where a Sony guy said that the PS2 had shipped 140m units while their financial report showed that it was 130m.

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More accounts per PS3 maybe?

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Sony need a new calculator

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so the console is undertracked or not? are this figures sold to costumers or sold to retailer?.