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VGC seems to be spot on again. 1million shipped and 850k sold is pretty accurate. 150k in stores is easily possible, especially one month after xmas.

I have been in two stores, today (both media markt) and there were like 30 PS3s on the shevels in each store. And those stores are pretty small ones. One in a city with 40,000 and the other one in a city with 70,000 people.

There were tons of consoles 50 Wiis, 30 XBox360 and 30 PS3s.

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

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@ dirty: I still can't get over the fact that when a tracking service would then release its numbers for Germany, they wouldn't be saying "PS3 sold one million", but "850K"

Then why make such a big fuss (with a retail store in the mix) announcing that it's 1 million?

150k on store shelves would be 15% of shipped units, if we applied that worldwide then that would mean there would have been 3.2m on store shelves worldwide through 2008. 15% really is too much.

@ papflesje, it's really not a big deal if GfK's numbers don't match Sony's, they rarely release them (last time was October, PS3 was at 690k), and the few times that they do they only make a small article in a financial paper or Blu-Ray article. It's not as if it's big news that makes the mass media. Sony never quoted GfK, so there's really no problem if the two sources disagree. Anyway, the difference wouldn't be as much as 150k, more like 50k, so it's nothing to be concerned about.

BKK2 said:
@ papflesje, it's really not a big deal if GfK's numbers don't match Sony's, they rarely release them (last time was October, PS3 was at 690k)


That 690k is as of August btw. Assuming the PS3 at 850k right now would mean that it sold about 30k a month on average  after August and that's with the two biggest months of the year. Maybe that PR is about shipped, but VGchartz' figure is most likely undertracked.

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I'm going to take a wild guess and say that journalism in Germany is similar to the rest of the world.

When ever figures are used, they'll mention a source.. Press release without a source about sales numbers = internal shipped figures (aka sold to stores).

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It's possibly through August (they only say the BD Player excluding PS3 was through August), or it could be through September. Different divisions of GfK track each, so PS3 could have been through September if the monthly console report had been available.

Sure, PS3 is probably undertracked a bit in Germany compared to GfK, it's overtracked in Spain compared to GfK, swings and roundabouts. Just keep your own spreadsheet with GfK numbers if you prefer those. I even post most of them here for you so you don't have to find them yourself ;)

LOL @ people saying vgc is spot on. vgc has germany buying 4-5k weekly with 844k total...

so they have 35 weeks worth of stock. even if this is shipped its still drastically off. 8 weeks of stock really is more than enough. like it or not ps3 is undertracked by at least 100k if this is shipped more if sold through

PS3 sales in germany just now were bumped to over 1 mln here on VGC

So VGC was not spot on then lol.