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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS3's 2009 exclusive list may not be so impressive after all.

well, ps3 list still doesn't impress me but probably only because i hate sony as a company(like the ps3 though), but i also think the 360 could use a little work before i get one of the exclusive games but we'll see how the year goes. the wii one looks somewhat like it might break some barriers, so i hope the best for that. gonna be a good year though

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axumblade said:
It bodes well for Sony honestly...As long as those games all come out this year and Sony doesn't "tease" with trailers of games that are coming out next year instead of this year....(uncharted 2, gran turismo 5).

As far as I know, it's going to be a full length disc based game. Main reason I believe this is because Quest for Booty was merely meant to be filler until they were done with Resistance 2 and had the chance to make a full sequel.

So you think Uncharted 2 wont be out before '09 is over? You could put God of War in there, but Naughty Dog is a clockwork developer, and the trailer for Uncharted 2 said Fall 09, which should be proof enough.

There are so many things wrong it isn't worth commenting on.


Well, Kotaku says it's coming to the 360.

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Nice exclusives for all systems.

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cura said:
Cthulhu said:
numonex said:
Wii has the most exclusives in terms of quantity. XBox 360 has the best quality exclusives. None of the PS3 exclusives appeal to me in anyway.

I was making my answer to you but half way i thought "what the hell" . No point



 he probably doesn't have a ps3 and can't afford one which is why none of its exclusives appeal to him.


u got a 360?  it's actually kind of fun.  so is ps3 though, just not as fun for me cause i can't play gears of war on it.

The PC/360 games really gives 360 an edge over PS3.

Well since I have both a PS3 and a 360 it looks like I'll benefit from some really good quality exclusives this year. And like seece mentioned, I dont see this being all of the games announced for this year, especially on 360. I see at least 3 or 4 more games added to both the PS3 and 360's columns.

It´s in the eye of the beholder, subjective.

Personally, I think all 3 systems have very strong libraries this year, unlike past years (IMO).

There is no evidence that Halo Chronicles is any more than vaporware. It hasn't been seen at any of the big shows like E3 or TGS 2008.

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