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PSP - Patapon looks sweet
PS3 - LBP is sweet, and the PS3 has awesome graphics
360 - Braid is cool, 360 is very powerful for its price
DS - I'm not going to say anything about the DS, it'd be like going up to God and saying "yo God, you're looking quite all powerful today" he knows he is :P

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Xbox 360 has a ton of pretty epic and graphic games with high production values to choose from and an easy and wonderfully connected experience to play with friends online. How's that?

i would like to have a psp because i would like to have a portable GTA

I'm looking forward to getting a PS3 later in the console's life for the ability to run Linux on it!

I would rather have an Xbox 360 then die. Seriously though Live has some unique members tgat are fun to chat with. And all the disc scratches mean you have a chance to cheat Blockbuster out of games.

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360 has the best feature in any console EVER! Custom Soundtracks!

I won all 3 consoles, so I'll say something nice about all of them. Just for fun I'll order them from best to worst (imo)

1) 360 - Best online, best controller, deep lineup of games.
2) PS3 - great 08 lineup, 09 looks strong, video playback is world class, solid design
3) Wii - I love how it's made for everyone and it's pushing gaming boundaries with products like Wii fit. I'm a huge super mario fanboy.

PS3 has nice features. The PSP has a nice wide screen :)

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Xbox360: It has Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia and Gears of War 2...

The PSP has an exclusive Kingdom Hearts game coming up.

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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