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Forums - Website Topics - VG Chartz = Don't believe it?

VG CHARTZ have some 'believing' issues' on other sites?


What is the problem with it?


I was discussing on a other forum about the numbers on VG and said I believe this site 
they give this comments:

- goddamn not another one of these threads but that site isnt accurate its been proven time and again


-its 4.4 mil

VG chartz aren't the real numbers, they are speculations, or whatever you would like to call it..

And after many sad comments about VG Chartz they gived this:

It says PS3 sold 4.28 a time ago.

So who do I have to believe? 


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Have you been living under a hole?






Hmm thanks!!


And WTF living under a hole?  Don't you mean in a hole or under a rock? 

I'll point you to this thread:

Sony's numbers match up with VGChartz's.

konnichiwa said:

Hmm thanks!!


And WTF living under a hole?  Don't you mean in a hole or under a rock? 

Thats how poeple say it now, and I am idioticly falling into it lol


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Yep, I see these comments a lot of the time on other forums.

They mostly find it hard to believe that anyone could possibly have accurate sales figures on a weekly basis, and they do have a point. VGCharts, to my knowledge, isn't claiming that their initial figures are exact. They make projections, albeit pretty accurate ones that go beyond anything you or I could do. The site, to its credit in my opinion, will then readily adjust its figures when more accurate information becomes available.

More than three hours I am busy with discussing against VG CHARTZ non - Believers that the numbers are correct on VG Chartz.

I was really surprised that 90% of the users don't believe the numbers on VG CHARTZ :s.

^10% is pretty good, though. Its better than the 1% I see on other sites.

I usually debate on Joystiq/Kotaku. Most people, if they acknowledge what I posted, will comment on "varying accuracy". Half will say it's "not bad", half will say it's "not NPD".

It doesn't matter what other forums say. Day by day, more and more websites cite VGChartz as a source, and that's what matters. When VGC's numbers are closer and closer to NPD for NA and Canada, that's what matters. When Sony releases a statement that shows VGC's numbers were spot on for June 30, 2007, that's what matters ( ).

They can down talk VGChartz all they want. It won't stop this site from having the best free sales information on a weekly basis with a community that contributes greatly. We have some of the best mods because some are Wii fans, some are PS3 fans, and some are 360 fans. We have people who provide pre-sales information and analysis, as well as first day sales in Japan.

VGChartz is here to stay, and will continue to get quoted.

GoNintendo has a generally very favorable outlook to this site, and they have cited our data quite a few times. Gamefaqs is also pretty cool about it (better than other sites I suppose), though there are plenty of non-believers there as well.

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