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Forums - Website Topics - VG Chartz = Don't believe it?

konnichiwa said:
leo-j said:
I have an idea, I think you guys should join the sony blog, and tell them if they can sponsor vgchartz...



And we should start an VG CHARTZ ARMY! 

No, I already joined, but they read your comments, if people were to contact SCEA they might actually sponsor vgchartz, and I think you guys could make alot of money. Not only that but you would have tons of sponsors knowing as an actual company trusts you.


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The numbers here aren't the holy grail - yes, they are fairly near the actual amount , but ioi can't track every single shop and that would be the only way to get the "real" numbers.
I think they are acurate within a 5-10% error margin , so the other guys saying "it's more" could be right , but it actually could be less aswell - we have no means to check that , so we can only "believe" ... therefore this whole sales data is more of a religion , than fact.

Crap on a stick konnichiwa, next time you have wrong information, don't make a giant "this website is wrong" thread. Ask someobdy for clarification in a post if you must, but this... Lets just say your lucky ioi hasn't seen this thread yet. I'm going to go ahead and lock it down

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Chrizum is the best thing to happen to the internet, Period.

Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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