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Ok, this forum has become insanely fanboyish of late. So we need to start mending some fences. We can start by all saying something bad about the console we're interested in. See, I think the Wii is an awsome and new machine, I want one, and I want it to do well. But despite being a Nintendo "enthusiast", I gotta say, the big N has really dropped the ball on the online department. And I'm not just saying that because it wasn't ready at launch (Wii sports online would have been damn cool though). I'm saying it because even when it comes, it'll be the un-intuitive, unfriendly and unfun Wii codes system. The Wii is being marketed as a social system, but when it comes to online play, the awesome 360 Live and not so awsome but free Sony service has it beat hands down in the fun department. So there, despite me really liking it and thinking that it will do very well this gen, I think Nintendo screwed that up. Now, the rest of you (I'm looking at you Kwaad)

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Easy. - The Wii needs more online multiplayer games (i.e. some!). - Not happy with the time it takes to start some of the channels (cmon guys!) - Why does the wireless need channel 1 or 11? This caused us SO many issues! - Internet channel (I know its a demo) is buggy, and needs a lot more features. - Needs better support for internal memory expansion (sd Cards should act as "main" memory, and the console should shuffle thiings automatically). - Support for a USB hdisk (?) - Rechargable Wiimotes (now bought a rechargable battery pack/set - just for the Wii) - really, REALLY, think the speaker on the Wiimote should double as a mic Do for starters.

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My console of choice is also the Wii. My main gripes about the Wii is obviously the lack of online play. And that whole Friend Code thing is just sloppy. Another problem I'm finding with the Wii is that the graphics aren't looking "next-gen" to me. So far the best looking game I've see is Sonic and the Secret Rings (a surprisingly good Sonic game btw). But even that game seems possible (graphically) for the GameCube. Now I know Nintendo has drilled it into people's heads that graphics aren't as important as gameplay. That's fine and all, but I was expecting at least some sort of leap forward. I don't need Gears of War graphics on the Wii, but it'd be nice to have something that clearly shows that the Wii isn't what Wii-Haters call it...A GC with a fancy new controller.

360 - Xbox Live is extremely profitable for MS... meaning there making tons of cash on its users, I think they should lower some of the cost (MS points and/or subscription) or gives us some free stuff. Just some sort of customer appreciation thing.. and - Wider variety of games, Viva Pinata was a good start. Edit: I just wanted to say this is a pretty cool post

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My biggest gripe about the PS3 is the background downloading. Other minor ones include a slow store interface, the fact that the PS controllers do not charge on standby and the sexy black exterior is a huge dust magnet. Oh and Lack of games that suit me tastes. They need to hurry up!

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VC is expensive Do not suport at least 720p... I don't have HDTV and I'm noting going to buy one, but it would be cool at least 720p suport Don't suport 3D soung (the controller one is cool, but 5.1+controler soung would be better) Lack of internet gameplay Very expensive old VG games... Ok, mario bros, mario kart are very good, but the have almost nothing cost to develop and send to us so I think that it might be very cheap so you can buy tons of old games... EDITING: It would be cool better graphics, but not a price increase, nintendo should have used the money they are winnig w/ every console sold to improove a little and make it better, produce a 250$ VG instead a 150$, but nothing more than that...

Okay first the Wii(I love my Wii but...) Online too, I just hate the stupid friend codes thing, I think at this rate I'm never going online with my Wii. Secondly I really think they should have taken out the Wireless network card(why bother inlcuding it anyway when nothing supported it in the begining) sold in seperate, and taken out Wii Sports from the package(it obviously would have sold well anyway) and upped the price some, I honestly wouldn't have minded a $299.99 tag. And at this point they could have easily used the extra hundred or so bucks to kick up the graphics quite a bit. And I love my Wii and I'm not all about graphics, but when people can't see a difference at all between the Gamecube and the Wii people feel like they graphically were left behind a generation. I think these changes would have given them enough money to provide something that would have made a fairly big difference, not even X360 quality but something thats clearly above the last generation of systems. It just sort of bothers me they have labeled themselves as a second system so they're not even concerned with competing on other fronts like online and graphics, and they've basically have told the media and the public if your a hardcore gamer go and buy a X360 or ps3, then buy a Wii too. Instead of fighting hard to give us it all. Granted I'll tell you a million reasons why this was a smart descision for them, but for now I'm fustrated knowing the only way I can enjoy state of the art motion sensitive game controls is with out dated graphics, and that leaves me a bit underwhelmed. Now the X360(and I love my X360 too) but for a system thats more then a year old it has some heavy gaps in its offering. RPG? Adventure? Even fighting games are sparse, it's like if you don't like shooting things don't get a 360. Granted it's getting better, but it's time to bash the ones we love so there it is! Another thing is they have the absolute worse D-pad I've ever seen. It's just this big fat wad of plastic that often doesn't go the way you push(you only realize how bad this is when you're on a menu screen and you go down instead of to the right etc..) Now the DS!!! The Wii's visual problem seems to be inherited from the system it was modeled after, the DS. Which has far too many games that look like a GBA title with a map slapped on the other screen. It's like come on people don't be afraid to push the system a little!!!

Wii: Graphics, Accelerometer, online, price, controller price, controller battery, controller weight, loud, shape of Wiimote. PS3: Price, not complete OS, Lack of games. 360: Price, Lack of games, loud, hardware problems, software problems, feel of controller. The not complete OS, and lack of games. Are two MAJOR MAJOR points. I would say each one of those count as much as 2 or 3 of the others. Price is a big negative thing as well.

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The 360 has Fable 2, Halo 3, GTA 4 and Resident Evil 5 coming out soon, so the game selection will improve. As for my console of choice....I don't have one. I am more than happy with my Xbox and PC for now and have no intentions of buying a next gen system.

DIAR said: The 360 has Fable 2, Halo 3, GTA 4 and Resident Evil 5 coming out soon, so the game selection will improve. As for my console of choice....I don't have one. I am more than happy with my Xbox and PC for now and have no intentions of buying a next gen system.
Fable2 - Fable was a great game. Untill I realised it sucked. Halo 3 - I really loved Halo. I played Halo2. I hated it. Why will I like Halo3? I havent been given an answer yet. So I dont care. GTA 4 - I'm getting it for the PS3. RE5 - I'm getting it for the PS3. Any more games I might be interested in?

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