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I'm hoping between the news/weather channel and the Voting channel on the Wii and also any other channels soon coming that Nintendo comes up with game concepts based on the info these channels are harnesing, Imagine MySims are Animal Crossing basing chrachter's views on votes that were recieved like a South American charachter saying he prefered to have a dog or something(being that all the south american countries test insanely high prefering dogs over cats) or the weather mimicking your weather, or someone mentioning a news story and sharing an opinion on it. I think it would be an interesting unique step. To get back on topic as much as I like the VC I want to see original content, like imagine a game like the duck hunt in Wii play or Wii bowling in Wii sports sold as a downloadable channel for 5-10 bucks. I think that would be sweet.

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360= after my 1st one overheated and my friends cpu crashed on him i decided to trade it in ps3= more games more games more games... and even though there is speculation of the online service gettin revamped to what we all want.. lets see if sony really does it that way wii= not a fan of the nunchuk or any games that it has or future games that or scheduled for this year



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wii: wish i can get imported snes games on the vc and wish it was region free gc: nothing here really dslite: nothing here either. love it gba: wish the screen was brighter psp: wish they have a game i want playstation: nothing here either. playstation2: wish i stop getting those stupid read disc errors cuz i dont ever want to buy a 2nd ps2 console playstation3: wish it was 399 for the 60gig by end of year, or better...wish it was 249 for a 60 gig without bluray right now xbox and 360: will never own and will never support cuz someone i know of work in the xbox group at microsoft. well, aside from that, no game i want at all.

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