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Forums - Gaming Discussion - LittleBigPlanet get another 10/10,from Pelaajalehti at Finland.

darthdevidem01 said:

This will add a new dimension to the already extremely successful & robust Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System.

It is a great year to be the proud owner of this multimedia interactive hub device....otherwise known as the Playstation 3.



Hmm... I don't know about worship, but I've been playing the Beta and the game is....very very very good.

it's endless. And it's fun. There's tons to do. Tons to unlock. And it's 4 player drop-in-out co-op. The physics work great. The 3d/2d platforming is terriffic - this is one area I was wondering about, and there is a 3d plane to move about in and it works very well. The customization can be very simple or you can go all out. There's tons to do without even touching the level creator.

LBP is huge.

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^agree, the level creator is really awesome as well.

Soriku said:
darthdevidem01 said:
MontanaHatchet said:
Guys, no offense, bu the posts so far have sounded like...worship.

This is not is seeing the light. the light that LBP will give PS3 this month....the light that will result in the Playstation 3 Computer entertainment System coming out of the thresholds of hell & showing the world that this is the true new gaming experience....this is defining a new genre....this is defining entertainment & games.

LBP will give the Playstation 3 a torch to bear.....similar to the olympic torch which signifies victory, courage & success. really need to stop with the "Computer Entertainment System" thing. That just makes it sound...retarded. I think we're all content with a simple "PS3". Not many people want it to be a computer system. Most people would rather have it as a console.

OT: Nice score...but WTH is Pelaajalehti? :P


Graah....Pelaajalehti means Gamermagazine in finnish so think for that :P




Take my love, take my land..

pelajawhat haha. Definitely deserves good reviews of course, maybe not 10s, but in the 9s. Sounds like it is living up to the hype at least.

Trust the Pelaajalehti. Usually the reviews are spot on. It's like the finnish gamespot/IGN

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Its great that it gets another 10 but im still waiting for Ign and gametrailers and other big gaming sities review.


Zucas said:
pelajawhat haha. Definitely deserves good reviews of course, maybe not 10s, but in the 9s. Sounds like it is living up to the hype at least.

Try to say it 10 times in row.My english friends have biig problem at that :D




Take my love, take my land..

YAY 10/10 from unknown reviewer.

LBP FTW !!!.

To try saying it once is hard enough though.......

sega4life said:

I just don't think the game is all that, well I should say I don't think it's a 10 in beta, I'm sure the finished project will make it a 10.

After playing for a few hours I can see how it can get a tad boring tho.

Making a lvl seems like it would take weeks to be perfect, and days to make it playable. (again I only played a few hours)

Just not my cup of tea. It's like Mods, If I had the time I would make one but I'd rather just wait for someone else to make one and play theirs.

The Controls are a tad unresponsive nothing major and it is a beta so fixable. but jumping back screen and forward with objects gets jumpie, but again it's a beta, so I'm sure it will be fixed.



RPG Maker 2000 ranged from incredibly simple to incredibly complicated. Making a full scale RPG of decent quality could take months (I wouldn't know since I never finished one). In order to make even basic cutscenes, you had to mess with switches and variables until you had pages of script. It had one pre-made level, a rather mediocre RPG courtesy of Don Miguel. Little Big Planet has 50 pre-made levels. But it was pretty popular and not many people would doubt its quality. And don't even get me started on getting new content for RPG Maker. You were held hostage to crappy sharing sites.