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Forums - Gaming Discussion - LittleBigPlanet get another 10/10,from Pelaajalehti at Finland.

I've never liked pelaajas reviews. It's not even Finlands biggest gaming magazine. But we all know this game is huge.

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Selittelyyn on aina aihetta:)

Simulacrum said:
Parokki said:
Pelaaja isn't bad or anything, but there isn't a Finn on the planet who doesn't prefer Pelit. For one, the former has a tendency to give extremely high scores to highly hyped/advertised games, so this isn't a surprise to anyone.

The names are just Pelaaja and Pelit btw. The word "lehti" sometimes gets added to the end in Finnish, because the names are otherwise pretty generic ("gamer" and "games" respectively), and conjugating the plural Pelit is a bit tricky.


Pelit-lehti (Games-magazine) has lost its interest in here.It used to be good but now they give about 80+ to all games and I hate it.Dont trust it ever.

Nowdays Pelaajalehti (Gamermagazine) is most popular.

I'll admit that I don't place any weight whatsoever on Pelaaja, Pelit is the magazine that I trust. And regarding popularity, the circulation of Pelaaja is 14 000 (according to themselves) while the circulation of Pelit is around 31 500 according to I also admit that I think Thomas Puha is  prone to get in on the hype wagon, at least that's the image I got when he was hosting a video games show on the late MoonTV channel.

When LittleBigPlanet was first announced I never dreamed that I would ever anticipate it more than games like God of War 3 and Fallout 3. The 21st can't come fast enough.

Hello from Pelaaja,


nice to see our review discussed. I might add that there's plenty of Finns who like Pelaaja, about 75 000, which of course is less than the competition, but still. Hey, at least we didnt give Goldeneye: Rogue Agent something like 88% :)

I love games, so I definitely let that show when I write, but obviously a game magazine is mostly a buying guide as well, so giving honest and good information is key. LBP had four people reviewing it and the main reviews guys were pretty much plc mmo fans who werent that hyped about LBP but ended up loving. I personally love it and think it has potential to be a landmark game.

Then again, if you dont like platformer games, LBP is not gonna be to your liking.

You can also read my Hideo Kojima interview at




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Nice to see the people who reviewed the game discussed here, but please place this review in the official review thread if it already isn't.

And feel free to discuss and comment RiotPelaaja in the thread because I'm sure people would love to hear from you!