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i dunno about RE5 but SF4 shouldn't be that hard to port. The gameplay certainly wouldn't be affected in any way. I don't know if it will sell more than the PS3 version but it would sell over a million copies i'm sure of that, and i don't see how that isn't a good enough reason.

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personally i wouldn't be interested in street fighter mainly because of the controller. the wii remote is by far my favorite controller of forever but for some games it just doesnt make the cut. but for the other games it brings them to another level beyond anything a 360 or ps3 controller can.

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It would make sense for it to be ported, I don't know what the big deal is, I wasn't too excited about it when I first saw but it could rock, and honestly they couldn't make it look any WORSE on Wii >_> (doesn't like the visuals of SF4)

Also I signed that petition for RE5 to Wii so maybe that'll come too haha.

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I'd much rather have Flock. That game looks so awesome, but it doesn't seem to get much anticipation.

it should have been a wii exclusive, did capcom forget that the reason streetfighter was so popular in the first place is because of Nintendo, sometimes i just don't understand capcom.

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SF4 on Wii is going to happen. Mark my words.

The problem is timing. Knowing Capcom they'll probably port it at the end of the generation when no one cares anymore.

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Never heard some1 asking about Street Fighter for Wii.
I think its not possible.



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^^ why not? graphically it really doesn't really look better then the snes versions.

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@ClaudeLv250 i agree it will probably be a cheap cash-in port to fund street fighter 5.

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It will probably get ported over to the Wii 1,5 years late utilizing the Resident Evil 4 engine and looking like crap.