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sc94597 said:
t3mporary_126 said:
Pikmin with more realistic world setting with cartoony/(clay?) characters would look cool.

I wonder what Pokemon with fur and textures would look like..... Hmm....

Actually the wii is highly capable of Fur Shaders.

Unfortunately I don't think pokemon battle revolution used the wii's TeV units. Maybe if there is another pokemon game on the wii.


Hopefully, they'll try that then. It would be nice to see Milotic with scales or Arcanine with fur....

Don't know about Pikachu, though....

Edit: Nvm, Pikachu can look cartoony like that Queen Bee in Galaxy


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golden sun.

Zelda and mario kart.


Phoenix_Wiight said:
golden sun.

A 3d game would be good enough. Hopefully camelots secret wii game is golden sun 3.


I'm not a person who cares all that much about graphics... I still play 2D games but it would be nice, maybe with next gen Wii, to see all of Nintendo's franchises in HD.

Cartoony games would benefit from it too... Mario would look even more colourful and have higher polygon counts to make things even rounder. More "realistic" games like Zelda or Metroid would look epic.

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I want a Super Mario game to be HD, have realistic lighting, textures, etc...


shio said:

I want a Super Mario game to be HD, have realistic lighting, textures, etc...


zomg - i'm going to have nightmares tonight.


Valkyria00 said:

Shit! All of you idiots arguing on here. I have to change this all up.... 

First off I dont give a FUCK if you say graphics dont make games good or that they dont matter.
Thats not what this post is about!
Get that through your fucking heads!!!

What games do you want in HD? Its a simple question dont blow it out of proportion!

Now when I say HD imo I consider it more realistic. So thats why I said before I dont wanna Mario or Zelda to be in HD.
I want those games to be stylized.

Games I do wanna see in that MGS 4 or Heavenly Sword (not all dark and gray but just kinda realistic you know) would be Metroid, Starfox and Kid Icarus. Only ones that come to mind.


Cry some more little lady! HD dont make the game, gameplay does! If mario or any other Big-N character looked as bad as your mario pic, people would run away screaming... I want more classics like MM9

kitler53 said:
most of nintendo's franchises aren't really geared towards HD. Metroid, Zelda, Starfox are the only ones that come to mind. Maybe Kid Icarus but as it hasn't been released since the NES I don't really have any graphical expectations atm.

Yea thats how i felt BUT read below.....

All of them, next generation. And cartony games DO profit from being HD, just look at the prettiness that is Little Big Planet
Thats true. Kinda make me look at it different but thats what I mean by stylish.....I think.

I didnt even post that mario pic you smart ass.:P Read my damn OP you shouldnt have even posted with your annoying comment.


Metroid for sure, that would look amazing, and proably Zelda.

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