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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Tidus VS Zidane!!

Zidane = Best Final Fantasy Character ever. Tied with Rydia of course.

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Zidane has a tail and we all know that tails are a big weak spot. Tidus just need to swing his sword at Zidane´s tail. So Tidus wins.

Next vs thread please: Kefka vs Mama´s boy.

Remember at the end of FF IX when Zidane went to the Iifa Tree and had to dodge all its attacks? Yeah, that was some crazy stuff.

What has Tidus done that was crazy/skillful like that?

Zidane wins.

Tbone said:
Kasz216 said:


Says it all I think.

Thats was a good one.



yep that's the real ZI ZU!!

Tidus wins...

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Soriku said:

What has Tidus done that was crazy/skillful like that?



I see you made a Kefka vs. Mama´s boy thread, nice!


Generally, most Final Fantasy protagonists created after FF6 eventually make me want to murder them horribly. Maybe it's the compulsory emo/wackiness crap, maybe it's the shoddy writing, their unbelievable ability to act completely retarded, or all of those put together. But I personally evaluate this kind of vs. situation like this - whoever makes want to kill them first loses.

Tidus was actually somewhat tolerable up until the ungodly horrible laugh scene, so he lasted at least several hours.

I wanted to strangle Zidane within the first fifteen minutes. So Tidus takes this one IMO.

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