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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy VS Kingdom Hearts!!!!

theprof00 said:
DeOn wtf are you just goig to post blank vs blank threads all day?
at least change your avatar if you're going to do that. what are you getting out of this?

yea i might =P

 how about u just sit back and enjoy it..stop asking questions and answer my question lol


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Enough with the VS threads, most cant really compare, but FF wins

Final Fanatasy OBLITERATES kh.

KH rapes FF.

KH wins.

starcraft said:
KH, but I have never played Final Fantasy.

Versus could change EVERYTHING.


Wow Starcraft, u sure do have alot of faith in Versus even though we know nothing about it and haven't seen gameplay. I'm not saying it'll bomb, but ur anticipation for Versus is astounding. OT: The thing with this topic is that it depends on which game. There are some FF's that I didn't like, but some that I absolutely loved (4,6,7,10). I guess I would pick KH because I haven't been disappointed with none of their games and their storyline is pretty cool (although some parts I think they just added to it as they went along).


Edit: I was wondering how long it would take Soriku to come in this thread :-)

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Final Fantasy rapes KH, which is also ruined by stupid Disney characters (Mickey is badass though)... KH is too kiddy and shallow compared to FF. Versus will strengthten that point.

The only good KH is of course KH2, because it's far more serious than 1 and has more "original" characters.

Tough choice.... I say Final Fantasy....

4 ≈ One

If we are talking about the best of each series then Final Fantasy>KH, but if we are talking about recent entries in the Final Fantasy series then KH>Final Fantasy. Let just say I liked KH 1 and KH2 much more than I like FFX or FFXII. I do prefer some other final fantasy titles like IV VI, and IX above KH1 or 2. So I would say FFIV, VI, IX>KH 1 and 2> FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, FFXII FFV. I'm not going to count the nes FFs since they are so old, and pretty much dated.

FFX and FFXII are both better than either one of the KH games, IMO. Much stronger and deeper characters (save for Vaan, the guy sucks), better storyline (it's far more involving than the one in KH, FFX rivals FFVII in complexity, and is the only FF able to do that), the gameplay in both games is far deeper than in KH (either one, although KH2 blows KH1 away in that aspect, and pretty much every other aspect as well).

I haven't played either

but I'll choose KH... I guess.