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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy VS Kingdom Hearts!!!!

That'd be an ARPG FF, which is badass.

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Pristine20 said:
Xen said:
^Disney characters toally ruin the game...


 But without them,it will be FF VS Heart(les)s


Without Disney characters it wouldn't be KH. Like you said, it'd be just any random spin-off FF game. Without Disney it wouldn't have been as big it is now (in fact, I don't think they would've made KH if it weren't for Disney. Sora was originally planned to be used in another game before they thought of KH).

Easy, FF wins, it has a lot of excellent titles (Tactics, VII, VIII, X) and not many bad ones (IX), so it's a no brainer, as for KH, I played only KH1 (bad) and KH:Chains of Memories (Good, but not great), so it isn't a very fair comparison, besides FF has a lot more titles than KH

BeTa77 said:
Enough with the VS threads, most cant really compare, but FF wins

yea thats the whole thing about it lol


u guys need to start thinkin hard lol


i think i need to stay here 4 a while lol


Xen said:
Final Fantasy rapes KH, which is also ruined by stupid Disney characters (Mickey is badass though)... KH is too kiddy and shallow compared to FF. Versus will strengthten that point.

The only good KH is of course KH2, because it's far more serious than 1 and has more "original" characters.

no no no there is nothing wrong with kh


there is nothing wrong with kh


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Pristine20 said:
@ ||DeOn||

You're on track to becoming a vgchartz obssesive in 1 month!


 lol what is that lol

...Let this be last thread.....



Take my love, take my land..

Simulacrum said:
...Let this be last thread.....

why..what r u gonna do if i post another thread huh...draw me a picture?? =|

the worst thing u could do is just completely ignore my post or call me out by my race..and personally i could try my hardest to give a shit if u did any of those


so uhhh by =)