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They will just say how Blu Ray defeated HD DVD, They will say that you have to wait one year now for some major games and not two years anymore like last year and some new announcements with teasers;.

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God Of war 3 in early 09.
Kingdom Hearts 3 Exclusive to PS3 FOREVER
Rockstars next game

sony need something special and ssj12 is a whore for not telling us what it is bless him lol

I think the "big" game is the new SotC team game, SotC 2. When it's announced, PS3 fans are going to pretend like it's huge and won E3, but it isn't and it won't.

It's an alright little action game on the PS2 though. No story hurts it a lot.

GoW3 will also be highly touted by PS3 owners as "winning" the show. Laughable, but it will happen, trust me. It is about an Animal Crossing sized announcement.

To "win" this show Sony has to show off something completely unexpected. The following things won't cut it and don't matter because I already know about them:

2 ICO team games
Jak 4
Every game sony fanboys have been touting including R2, GT5, KZ2, and LBP

What will cut it that I do know about is:

FFVII remake

I'm sorry if that's harsh, but your dealing with an audience that isn't necessarily friendly to your console. To win, you have to shock and awe them like MS did, and take their respect with violence.

If Sony can do that, and we come away talking about a game that "pwnd microsoft" then we might consider E3 a tie.

The odds of that happening are slim to none.

SSJ's game will be great for gamers, but unless it's Bioshock 2 exclusive to PS3 forever AND FFVII remake exclusivity, then I can't really see any game matching that news. It was a bombshell, and it shook our belief systems to the core. Fanboys quit the internet and changed sides because of this. It's not gonna be easy to beat.

I don't need your console war.
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor.
You're power hungry, spinnin' stories, and bein' graphics whores.
I don't need your console war.


Only 6 more hours to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They'd better have something or I'm going ballistic on Sony!

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Knowing SSJ its probably the EA port of left4dead? =P

Sony doesn't need to "win" E3. In fact, you can't win E3 (they stopped scoring it in 2005). MS's press conference sucked until the very end. FF was huge, the only way it would have been bigger is if Square was releasing it on the 360 in Japan. Sony needs to announce/preview God of War 3, GT5, the ICO game, and show a game that is unique to the console experience (something like the Heavy Rain trailer).

Sony needs to take us in a new direction.

Thanks for the input, Jeff.



A remodelled PS3 smaller and cooler would be a good start.

Everyone seems to think that the new hardware will be a laptop.

I think SONY will have totally misjudged E3 if that is the case.

Laptops are for the Consumer Electronics Show. E3 is about the games.

I think they may confirm Home's release date and show off some features but it looks like a lost cause for the SONY boys at this years handbag fight.

There are rumours of a PSP2 being announced, nothing solid though.

if ssj12 game is true, i think it maybe shadow of colossus 2, damn that game would be so crazy on ps3,

but if sony wants to "win" this e3, they need to announce, that square is making a new chrono game for ps3.