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Skate on X Box 360, only US Sales in the List, perhaps it sells a Million worldwide



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Shadow of the Colossus has sold over 140,000 units in it's first week for Japan and also ICO sold 209,000 units in Japan

Here's the link:

I made a list of games in the Wii top 100 that are missing others data here:

Some of them are candidates.

Great thread, I thought I'd add one of my favourite fighting series with little data:

Soul Blade/Edge (PS): No American & No Other Data (Released as Greatest Hits & Platinum Range)

Soul Calibur (DC): No America & No Other Data (Couldn't find any more info on this one but the game was VERY popular)

Soul Calibur 2 (GC): No Sale Data (Released as Player's Choice in America & Europe)

Soul Calibur 2 (XB): No America & No Other Data (Releases as Best Of Platinum in America)

Soul Calibur 2 (PS2): No America & No Other Data (Released as Greatest Hits in America)

Soul Calibur 3/III (PS2): No Other Data (Released as Greatest Hits & Platinum Range)

42 Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy LucasArts 1,566 7.42 0.94m
43 WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 THQ 808 4.00 0.91m
44 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Electronic Arts 999 5.13 0.90m
45 The Simpsons Game Electronic Arts 1,865 7.22 0.86m
46 NBA 2K8 2K Sports 2,958 7.21 0.83m
47 DiRT Codemasters 3,596 6.63 0.82m

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All hit a Million I think


What about Scene it (Europe missing), Kameo(bundle/Classic),Sonic on the 360?

I almost forgot this thread existed, almost.

Thanks for the continued contributions, I'll get around to updating this some time today (hopefully).




Need for Speed: Carbon was adjusted to 1.09 million

Burnout Legends was adjusted to right on the 1.00 million mark

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz has almost certainly sold over 1 mill. 0,58 in Japan and the US combined. The previous 2 games on GC sold ~0,4 and ~0,34 in others. Banana Blitz has sold somewhere between 100k and 200k in UK alone, and Wii has a lot bigger userbase than the GC had.

Tiger Woods 08 on Wii is also probably platinum. 0,61 mill in the US alone, and golfing games are pretty popular in Europe.

Scene It? Lights Camera Action


Only American Sales / 0,6 Mio


This Game is a Longseller and Europe loves this Kind of Games