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MontanaHatchet said:
Pichu, I checked up on Canvas Curse. In order for it to have sold a million, it would have had to sell as much in PAL as it did in the other regions, and judging from Squeak Squad and past Kirby games that probably didn't happen. Metroid Hunters I added. As for Spectrobes, I didn't know about that one. Thanks.

Neos, thank you as well. I'll look into them.

I know Australia is only a portion of 'others', but spectrobes was in the top 10 weekly Australian sales (tracked by GFK, all platforms) for months earlier this year/last year. if its any indicator of the rest of others it would definately be well over a million






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Wow I had no clue StarFox Assualt did that well. Where is StarFox Wii Nintendo? For that matter Jungle Beat combined sales of GC/NewControl are also over a million. So where is Donkey Kong and Fox? Nintendo shouldn't be ignoring the potential market!


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