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Thanks KillerMan. I'll update the PS2 games slowly because as you can see, there are quite a few of them.



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I think all Wipeout games for the PS and PS2 are possible Million Sellers. None of them have sales in the database

I would say Okami for Wii must have sold at least 900k in Europe, so should be at a million as of now.

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Most of the Medal of Honor games have been wiped out of the database, and previously some were listed to have sold 4M and 6M copies for PS2.

Also, the best-selling Australian developed game of all time
Pony Friends!

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Ico: (Doesn't have any number's but sounds to be a very popular game, and was also mentioned in Sony's E3 Press confrence as being a popular game)


Shadow of the Colossus: (it's at 730K in Japan, Definitely sold 270K in america and Others)

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NBA 2K8 / X Box 360


The Game has 804,361 sold in  NA, but no Numbers for the Others(and Japan).


I think its near to the Million worldwide.


Good Thread.


I search for other missing Platinum Games

ClaudeLv250 said:

Metroid II - One of the many games seemingly affected by the disappearing sales bug from a few months back but it never got its sales restored. There are sales in the database, the totals just aren't showing up.

Metroid: Zero Mission - No sales data at all.

Metroid Prime Hunters - .66 mil with no Others sales.

Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt - Was a DS pack in at launch, pretty much confirmed to be a million seller.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Only has Japan data. The original Golden Sun got half of its totalsales from America.


Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories also has the same problem as Metroid II. It's total sales data has disappeared, but it's showing the weekly JP sales on it's game page. Also, I could have sworn that ioi had US sales data for the game at some point, but I may just be thinking of this...

I do know that KH: CoM has sold 1 mill+, for the simply fact that it sold over 1 mill in the US alone. I recall seeing when it broke 1 mill on the old NPD threads at NeoGaf.

I don't have time to check right now, but I know that one of the DS Castlevania games is not displaying it's sales total also. It's not a million seller and may not be what this thread is looking for, but thought I'd mention it while I was at it.

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I know it's most likely a longshot but it's one of my favorite games so I wish it would have sold more if I didn't make a million.

Psychonauts for either the PS2 or the XBox.


Neither one of them even have sales figures.