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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What do you think of the GameCube's controller?

wtf is up with the buttons? the A button is like 4 times as big as anything on the whole controller

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I loved the different sizes of the buttons.. triggers were extremly good.. nice *clik* in the end.. The controller felt good in the hand! One of the best controllers ever made..


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I didn't like it. I found the directional pad to be a bit unresponsive, the analog sticks had that octagon border which prevented fluid movement, there were 3 shoulder buttons which was weird and the joysticks were asymmetrical. Overall I thought it was a very poor controller.

The best controller last gen easily.

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Wow I cant believe that many people liked it...
Anyways I thought it was a horrible controller. The way the buttons were layout and the way it felt blugh! Original FAT Xbox control was worse though this was 2nd. PS2 controller really was the best.

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It wasn't to much of a nusance for me, but it still was a little annoying, especially when trying to play some VC games with it. A word of advice, don't try play super mario world with a gamecube controller. It's as annoying as hell.

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AMAZING controller. best controller ever.

The best of last gen, even it could be wireless!
But i didn't like the small D-pad, my finger maybe was too big

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Well it fit so well best of the las tgen. Loved the diff colours of the buttons. Also it felt so right when i played a game on the cube.Second best Controller.

For me:

GC>XBOX>PS2 controller.

same order this gen. The only thing I didn't like about the GC controller was the C-stick. I absolutely loved the trigger buttons.

I also like how the analog stick doesn't have completely round outlines. It's easier to point it in the four directions since they have groves in them. I always had problems using the PS2 analog stick because it's low placement + a round outline. I never could tilt it straight up when I wanted to.