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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your age and system of choice?

30yrs. DS by far, i have all last gens consoles and could afford to buy all this gen machines if i wanted, but i only own a wii so far. I have a psp too, its good at attracting dust.
my choice machine of last gen would be the PS2, hard to say anything else.

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I just turned 28 today and only own a Wii.


35. PS2 and a 360. Love em both, but its hard to go back to last-gen graphics sometimes so my PS2 is collecting alot of dust lately.

Also love PC gaming.

PS360 ftw!

Currently playing..........

Gears of War 2, GTA IV Lost and Damned, Little Big Planet (Yes I said I had no interest but my girl wanted to try it and we did and now Im hooked )



25, Wii

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28. I currently own a Wii and a DS, and I'm very happy with both. I'm planning on buying an Xbox 360 and a PSP in the near future, though.

Past systems: Atari 2600, NES, Gameboy, Mega Drive, SNES, PS1. I've also been a primarily computer gamer on and off throughout the years.

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23, PC and Wii.

I'm 21. I'm a Radiography student at IUPUI in Indianapolis, IN. Prior to my decision of Radiography I spent one year undecided and another in CGT. The current game systems I own and are in active use are:


My first game system was a NES, and I have owned every major gaming system since then including the Dreamcast and Saturn. I didn't own things like the 3DO though... I'm currently very interested in purchasing an Xbox 360 at the next major price drop. I was going to buy one this year no matter what but my financial circumstances have changed...

Hmm, that's a hard one and mainly depends on mood. I'd say in general I'm 25 and prefer the Wii (though still like my 360 just about as much) and I actually prefer my DS to both of those.

25 Male USA. Started gaming with NES when I was a youngen. I've had: NES SNES N64 Dream Cast Xbox Game Cube Ps2 GBA and now.. Xbox360 The 360 is my system of choice to play on. =) Its a shame, I dont have a single other system these days. I gave hand me downs to my nephews kinda wish I had started a collection instead.

26 (couple of weeks) - Wii and DS. Had a PS2 with 15 or so games but I Stopped playing games about 4 years ago as I had lost complete interest in them.

My Wife and I now enjoy playing Games together (Finally!!!).

Was thinking about a 360 and/or PS3 but now after playing the PS3 with several games I think I'll go for 360. - This is due to the fact that 360 and PS3 games are so close to each other that the extra cash for PS3 is not worth it.

(I'm married and have bills to pay so I wont be getting another console till one of them drops to at least $300 AUS ($200 US) - My guess is the 360 will get their well ahead of the PS3 - if not and the PS3 gets their first, then I'd probably just get the PS3 instead.).

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