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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your age and system of choice?

27, Wii

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Wii and DS.

my first game system was a Playstation but before that I used to go over to my friend's house and play sega mega drive/master system. I was too young and couldn't afford one (my parents refused to buy me one)

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I'm 26. I own a Wii and ~15 games for it right now. Myself and my fiancee are extremely satisfied with the lineup. To give you an idea of our technology level, we also own a 1080p HDTV an HD DVR and get a lot of HD content (> 45 channels) although I prefer the channels that support Dolby Digital surround as well as HD (this kind of ruins the NFL network and the BigTen network for me).   We probably game on the Wii about 20 hours a week, but this is primarily limited by our free time.  This weekend she picked up My Sims and already put 10 hours into it, and I'd put as much into Metroid Prime 3 and Super Mario Strikers (which we both love) if we had more time.

We would likely also own a 360 right now (she wants Viva Pinata, I want a few other games) if Microsoft didn't release the lowest quality hardware in the history of gaming by a factor of 10 or so. Right now, we'll end up getting either a PS3 or a 360, depending on which of the following happens first: a great game that I'm interested in is released for the PS3 or MS acceptably addresses their quality issues. I hope the 360 gets fixed first, because the library really is a lot better than the PS3's will be anytime soon.

17, will be 18 in a few weeks.
I own a Wii and prefer it over the others, but plan on getting a 360 later this year

22 Wii>DS>360

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37 and Wii, though I'll be getting 360 sometime in the next 10 months (next 6 most likely)

55 and I mainly play my ColecoVision

18 - Wii/DS/PC

15. All Nintendo systems. I go where Fire Emblem goes.

19. Wii. then DS

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