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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your age and system of choice?

14 Wii, DS, and PS2 ... don't have the Wii though, nor the money to buy many games... ;_;

I'm an ALIEN!!!! - officially identified as by Konnichiwa

Of course... My English is still... horrible - appreciation and thanks to FJ-Warez  

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Hello I'm 41. From played the most to played the less : PC - X360 - Wii - PS3/PS2 - XBOX - GC Bye.

Zones : I still don't understand all the love for Blizzard, what was the last game they developed worth playing?


Playstation 3


DS Lite

Xbox 360 soon

I'm 29 and my system of choice right now is the Gamecube because my 360 is dead.


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death console (ps1 ,snes ,try to found a saturn )

sorry my english is baaadd

I'm 22, and the order in which I favour the current home consoles is Wii > 360 > PS3. Currently got a Gamecube, Wii, Xbox and a PC, but I'm getting a PS2 real soon. Mostly been playing last-gen games lately, because the Wii's had a long slow period (goes double for us in Europe), and I only got into consoles two years ago, so there's a lot of stuff I never played when it was new.

23- I love the Wii, 360, and I wish I owned a PS3 but they are so damned expensive

29 - PC/PS3/PSP/DS

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20 DsLite/Wii/PC/360 in that order :)