GH:WT if you can stand the wait, is a better way to go. Online play, downloadable content, 85 tracks, you can use your GH3 guitar as your 2nd, 6 string bass and a full music editor. Plus everything RB has.

In comparison RB looks like a PS2 gimped crap port. But it's still a ton of fun if you don't want to wait until GH:WT releases.


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I was going to get RB on Wii before GH:WT was announced. If GHWT wasn't coming out so soon I still may have picked up RB, but not anymore. I already have 2 GHIII controllers and don't want to load the living room up with instruments.

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unfortunately, iit is only for DS

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Faxanadu said:
Get Elite Beat Agents....

unfortunately, iit is only for DS


Now that it is confirmed that the new Guitar Hero will have DLC, no need to get this lazy PS2 port of Rock Band, especialy if you already have the guitar from GHIII.

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wait for GH4

If your the type of person who likes to spend their money on sub par games, this will be a great investment for you


the wii version is just a cheap cash in, wait till GH4

If it were the 360 or even PS3 version I'd say yes, but for the Wii? Hell no. No DLC, gtfo Harmonix.

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I was going to get RB because it was the only Group GH type. The thing was that I don't like that RB is more gimped than the GH3 was. With GH:4/WT already being confirmed to have all the same features as it's PS360 versions. Well it's an easy choice for me where to invest my money. GH4. Wii version WILL have DLC, GHTunes, body creator, etc....

They are going to be about the same price

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